Black Beauty Diaries

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you TRUE to YOU?

Listen up this blog is dedicated to those of you in denial, you may be offended by the words that jump from this page but I am compelled to tell it like it is. You may even call me things that may make you feel better, but my only reply would be is  "call me what you want" as long as you know I'm not a coward at living my own life to the fullest. I acknowledge every intention to be successful and being a blessing to someone. With all hopes that my family be raised in all truth and wisdom. Most likely sacrifices are made and cycles must be broken to fulfill a destiny only God places before you.

Sometimes in life you may not understand why people do things to make you feel beneath them, or make you feel like you are only good enough when it's convenient for them. In all true nature I have seen a man lie to the point were he was sleeping with a woman to turn around and go sleep with a man denying the fact of being bisexual or gay "what have you call  it" notice some men right down to their clothing, walk, and talk you could never tell just exactly they all like . I have seen a man lie to sleep with other women and in fact be so disconnected with his own truth that he feels better calling a woman a hoe to make it acceptable with his own behaviors.Honestly I don't see the point of lying with no respect for yourself or the other persons well being be it serious or not.I just know my seriousness might not be as serious as yours, so it's better to know than not know. I wish some men would just admit the fact they like ass or getting it up the ass.Yeah I said it...To each it's own is the way I see things just protect yourself  for what it's worth you only get one life to live. If you don't understand what it is to be sneaky or just plain obscene at accepting your own self first, then it will be harder than you think. Meaning you are too busy looking for faults in others when somehow you lose yourself in your own issues, likes and dislikes without admitting it. These things always have a reflection of who you are in a good or bad way either people can accept you for who you are or not. You have to be willing to accept you first. Women can be liars, cheaters, sluts, and hoes just the same as a man of course my opinion is some men find this term to be comfortable for them and not a women because it's beneath them, but I've got a news flash guys "pussy rules the world and makes it go around". I don't know anything more amazing than the production of another human being, now that's a helluva job as you still live to work, and work to live everyday someone and everyone is born for the same purpose. It is human nature to use and be used in all aspects of life again it can be for the good or bad. God uses us for different purposes to make us better I think humanity needs it so bad,and negative energy seems to seep into a lot of people when they themselves don't have any hope or faith.

 And everyone wants to have it their way,  I can't see focusing on what makes you tick when I'm challenged everyday finding my own likes and dislikes, every reaction to a positive chain reaction hoping that it will hold me to the most high's satisfaction. How can we build ourselves on higher education, even amongst ourselves we are never humanly gratification. I  say evolve in some way be it sexually or non- sexually, trendy or not, open-minded or in-insightful I just hope you know how to be true to you because at the end of it all, it's still your job to make YOU happy whether you choose to be a liar, cheater,  honest, or loyal all you can do is YOU. After all you were "produced" so just be a product of good deeds having the responsibility when taking care of LIFE it's yours to LIVE !

  Denial is only when you refuse to believe you have a problem, and most people believe they don't have any problems. Dig deep everybody has some type of problem, nobody really has it ALL figured out, but it's the hope that holds the chosen together still the love above sees all, loves all, and of course knows all . The absolute contradiction is fear from the inside out! We conquer things by having built up the courage to follow through with God's plan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Discussion on Love and Lust

Many people have different views on this subject at hand love and lust can be very confusing. At times I can see the two running neck to neck with similarities. Both emotions can be uncontrollable with a burning desire. But love is gentle with a personal attachment  with  intent to benefit greatly from. While lust on the other hand is a craving and intense desire to fulfill an illicit sexual appetite. The reality is they both can be pleasurable justified with any and all disappointments which may come along in the word itself. In my own experience knowing  the temporary feeling of lust is just for the moment  filled with desire and even infatuation. After the excitement  and consuming yearning for the need to have that fix what's left?  Love and lust can both make you eager to have, it's a bit enchanting to experience such a complex feeling. That in fact can almost make it unknown to differentiate the two. Love doesn't have a temporary attachment, it takes enthusiasm to love someone truly embracing the very "being" of them. They run hand in hand with some wants, but never the needs in reality  love overlooks all things giving and receiving while lust looks for weakness feeding only to be filled of it's own satisfaction. When they say love is hard to find it's easier to give, meanwhile a craving only last temporary. To add it all up I want to crave you forever, with an uncontrollable appetite sentencing me of gluttony. Swallowed to the point of "I can't get enough of you" now that's love!