Black Beauty Diaries

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stand In Your Destiny!

For the past couple of weeks or so, I have found it hard to decide on a subject to blog on. This my friend is called "writers block" the difficulty in this was whether I should bring up the purpose of my online store of hats or the very subject of standing up for yourself to empower others. I thought to myself that if I combined the two subjects the reasons fall right into line with each other. After all to choose one subject would only deprive everyone of the many dazzling things I've experienced through my own life. I have no doubt that when you are done reading my book you will ask the question "You went through all that"? and survived? For what it's worth my challenge is for you today is to boldly look a little closer to what this young, black, gifted soul is doing here.

My online store supports the goals of publishing my own book one day, this is not only where it ends but the beginning of a journey that helps a cry for help that comes from many and it goes unheard of everyday. How do I know this cry? Because my tears once drowned me with my own misery, everyone "heard" but only God "listened". The system I've set up to raise money online is royalty based. The time I put into designing the products isn't worth anything if they don't have a meaning to them. Using quotes and symbols with a stylish twist we all find intriguing from our culture, making a bold statement is a part of us. Why I wanted to use hats mostly to make this statement was because the idea of the crystal embezzlement gave me a sense of a person wearing their own personally designed for their head. A gateway that leads through the ins and outs of life with words and symbols leading up to stories. My guarantee is that my book will be very beneficial to the urban audience that sees the cycle of deterioration in the substance of our communities. It's a cycle filled with bitter brokenness, hiding behind the shame of fame, will the color of our skin have a greater purpose or just some left behind names. The courage to gather myself and my own research lets me know we are more than the labels we've been conditioned with. Any investment into another successful African American entrepreneur will live for years to come, hopefully it will have some substance to carry on for generations to come. As long as I have my children and "Destiny" allows me to beat the odds, I can prove that statistically the odds didn't beat me down!

My story is only one of many let us begin the journey to completion by wearing loud statements of wisdom, boldness, and knowledge of self. And what's it without a little fun!!! We all know it takes hard work and dedication to understand why God allows us to come through many situations. If you are still standing the wisdom of God will teach you how to stand up for yourself, by knowing exactly who you are and where you came from the enemy is powerless.

By using all of that we know to have grown doubt and failure seem to have no space in the life to come, there's a greater life that God has for you and I. If you've seemed to fail in a certain area of your life and still managed to live through it even talk about it, understand that part of survival is over now don't look back when God is trying to move you along. When a challenge presents itself we must unmask the fear of it all, conquer it with faith knowing that everything is for a reason. Even though it could have killed me it just made me stronger and now I know ME just a little bit better. In all that you have give thanks to God you realize he never made us perfect in the first place, he's just getting us more in tuned with him.

If you really want to know what inspires me:  it's my history, our history, and the foundation of my whole being. The will and strength we use to carry on, in spite of all the evil or negative forces around us which try to ambush our every act to persevere. I'm not asking for money, but I am asking you to invest. Help me earn royalties for the unity of my people and what I've taught my seeds to believe in....That my friends is always "Beating the Odds" Statistics will show you anything, but it's only by perseverance and liberation we find truth as we seek the will for our lives only to affect another life in a positive, motivating, and encouraging manner.