Black Beauty Diaries

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take Into Consideration

To analyze my whole being you have to understand that we are not the same. I believe every individual has their own beliefs as to what defines them in this world. People justify themselves through different aspects of living, some may think that fancy clothes, shoes, and cars make them who they are. Most of the time people spend their life trying to prove their worthiness through talent or the money they make. Take into consideration my life is not defined by these minor things, I am not here for your liking my purpose is to solely please God. That job requires dealing with my soul and the souls of others, it keeps me rounded but also is a test of my faith. There are so many negative influences in this world that it can be hard to keep sight of what God is trying to do with my well being. As I live and learn throughout life people become more difficult with their wants, needs, and expectations of what I should and should not be doing. The plan to do things my own way or someone else s way is just a stumbling route to failure at what I do best and that's being human. But who can judge me but God. I expect to be judged and even hated in some cases only because I know I'm going to take initiative to get it right with the  man above. If it is by his will I will get through it, stronger than ever before not even fearing the next move or change in my life that God has prepared for me. One thing I have learned throughout my life is to give it my all starting with God, man is never the answer to getting through this day to day effort of living life abundantly. I forgive easily more so now than ever for the fact I don't want baggage weighing me down through my race to win the grand prize. People are going to be who they are, things are going to happen and changes are going to occur even in my own life. As I have explained once before change for me is good, I am ever evolving ready for the next challenge God has for me. When it becomes a storm in the mist of it all I am still sheltered by the love of God. My love should reflect from the inside out without any animosity or rejection of anyone's beliefs, though I go through these very judgments of hostility against me I have the strength to bravely reject that negativity with love. Sometimes I have to be bold enough to let people be who they are and steadily fulfill the purpose God has for me by letting go of what they believe in just to keep headstrong to my own beliefs. How can I be who I am if I'm trying to please you, God didn't make me this way he is always giving me the opportunity to get to know me by my own free will. If you lie to me you lie to yourself and how can I fight with that it's something inside of you that needs evaluating, being true to me is all I know. I may even try certain things to see what it's like because I'm getting to know me in some aspects of  what this "world" has to offer. At the end of the day I always "need" to know what heaven has to offer. What I'm best at is saying it's my life so I choose the things that make me happy and unhappy. The facts are my choice hands down is and should be consideration of making God happy with me. Acknowledging ways to know that he has a plan for me to be of encouragement or help to the next person and to glorify his name not my own. In case you didn't know;  knowing God you have to know yourself enough to know he has made you in his own image he already knows what we do before we do it. So he keeps me because I want to be kept in such a way I don't want to lose sight of what he's trying to do with me. The world is old occupied by people  who are losing themselves in it everyday, making it to a dead end an unsatisfying destinations without recognition of the wonderful things it first begun with. And so we are tested for the very small things we take for granted throwing them away like God doesn't know what makes us whole. I stand firm on my beliefs because no one can tell me like God can that is right from wrong things to do with the 1 life he has given me. I LIVE, I LEARN, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I LOVE!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phenomenal Fighters

I acknowledge a woman or man of courage who is a survivor of domestic violence, I myself know what it's like to be involved in a relationship resulting in mental and physical abuse. This issue can affect anyone of all race, color, age, or sex. In order to confront this issue we have to fight with knowledge on how to end this type of violence. By empowering one another to steer away from such tragic endings, the reality of this situation is many things can occur while in this type of unhealthy relationship. Many times someone is murdered, commits suicide, or even detrimental hurt physically or mentally. The issue consumes me with anguish knowing that someone out there needs help yet they feel helpless and controlled by absurdity. Sometimes you may feel like no one is listening, or you can't turn to anyone else but the abuser. For whatever it's worth a life is priceless so don't allow anyone to take yours. Fear is the first step to knowing that this is not safe for you, by any means necessary at some point you will have to realize love doesn't hurt. The powerful women involved in helping bring this horrific injustice to an end labels a group of young models called Sanity Gurlz Domestic Violence Movement. They have a mission to empowering victims and eliminating violence against all odds there are ways to educate you on support for your well-being. Sanity Girlz believe that all persons have the right to live without fear or abuse. These phenomenal young women extend their hands and ears to help with all intentions to make a dramatic change with this increasingly   cruelty to women, men, and even children within our communities.  Sanity Girlz provide services with programs and leadership to domestic violence survivors as well as HIV/AIDS advocates to educate and support anyone affected by this worldwide epidemic. This organization has my full support with movements toward putting up a phenomenal fight. We can't be afraid to take a stand against loveless enmity.

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Remember When Safe Sex Meant Not Getting Caught?"

So many times I heard people my age state that they wouldn't go get tested just because they were fearful of the results.The main excuse they would use is when most people find out they are positive is when they get sick and die.When in reality not finding out your status is what really hurts you in the long run and certainly doesn't help you from worry in chances of infecting someone else. If you're not the type to worry about this subject I take it you are using the right precautions to prevent any mishaps in addition to being educated about the awareness of this problem.  This blog is dedicated to bring awareness to an epidemic that goes ignored everyday in the United States, but all around the world HIV&AIDS rates are at staggering numbers. As an African American woman my research pinpointed the statistics are a higher rate with our race. This is a matter we have to acknowledge my people, with no fear but faith to cure the heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual person it affects. Not only are these types of people are being affected but in most cases children are being born affected with HIV. If you are asking who is at risk anybody could be, but if you are not willing to take the steps to get tested you could be putting others at risk as well. These are facts about how you can be affected- 1) Unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) with someone who has HIV. 2) Unprotected Oral sex with someone who has HIV. 3) Sharing needles or syringes with someone who is infected with HIV. 4) Infection during pregnancy , childbirth, or breast-feeding (mother to infant transmission). And the worse case scenario is more than 15 million children have been orphaned by the epidemic. African American and Hispanic women who represent less than one-quarter of U.S. women account for 80% of new HIV infections among  American women each year. Not only do we have to educate ourselves as adults on prevention and protection but our children are at risk as well. Now of days with sex being so over rated they have to know that practicing safe sex is the key to a well being. Here are some tips on reducing your risk on becoming infected- 1) Use only latex condoms. Lambskin only provide little protection against the HIV virus. 2) Use (dental dams) a square of latex recommended for use during oral-genital and or oral-anal sex. Yes we all know it feel great without it but better safe than sorry if your out here enjoying life, enjoy it safely! 3) People with latex allergies can use polyethylene condoms with oil-based lubricants. So stop using excuses about "condoms irritate me" there are different kinds for your pleasure! 4) Use protection every time you have sex, if necessary consult a doctor or nurse for guidance on the proper use for latex barriers. If you go to a local health clinic they have plenty of information as well as free condoms! So please think with the right heads when you are out here being sexually active HIV/Aids is a very serious matter that won't disappear until the right steps are taken to avoid being infected. Please use the link I included to gain access to testing facilities in your area. BE SAFE LOVES!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suppress My Sex Quest

As I reflect on the things in my life that matter the most, it is very evident that with age you gain wisdom. I used sex as a tension tool in my last blog, but I made it very clear that taking action in that part of tension releasing had to be meaningful to me and my partner. So with that said I practice to suppress my sex quest everyday, it isn't easy but I discover more about myself than a man that just wants to get in between my legs with no meaning. When you begin to really understand your value it won't be hard to weave out the pros and cons in the importance of having a supportive mate or team. If you don't choose wisely your whole game plan can be put into jeopardy. I don't have to have the biggest ass or titties to know my worth, proven that it is within my hearts purity God has blessed me with. It's funny how shallow some men are now of days when those two things are easy access in God's eyes. Let a woman carry a beautiful seed within her womb for joined purpose and breast increase to feed the child as hips are created to carry the weight within. When the baby is born growth begins, as we do everyday some of us want to stay stuck in the same place without allowing love, gentleness, and kindness to mold us in the real way. I love myself enough to take an oath to suppress my sex quest because I have the right to cherish my temple with all purity, whoever thinks different will never know the value of getting experience in life to set an example for real happiness in your own life. Whatever it's worth we are all forever changing and evolving. If there is no change how do you know you are making progress towards the things you value and want for yourself mostly. In success and dreams sometimes you have to caress the outcomes, in some ways it is like a seduction game. If you give too much of yourself you will never get to see the outcome unfold gradually because you've put it all out there to fast to soon. If you are really worth it there is never enough money in this world to satisfy having a love for something or someone. If I can't have passion in the mere words I use everyday to express my sincerity of my love for my healthy habits how could I ever allow someone to understand my body if they can't understand what's really in me to have full satisfaction. Besides the shallow thinking having big titties, ass, or pussy for that matter will get me all that I want. If it can be achieved puzzles a lot of inquiring minds, but I always try to keep an open mind as to mind over matter. Because the fact of the matter is if we are just doing the motion it looks good, feels good, but is it really good for me? Lurks the back of my mind so I'd rather have change for "goodness" sake than to have let this world change me. That way whatever is good will always evolve around me because I have good intentions to do things in a genuine manner. If things don't work out for the best outcome then most likely it wasn't in all truth and honesty in other words I probably lied to myself to look like I was happy when in fact I really wasn't. I only hope to continue my quest to suppress my sex under great intentions of not just finding a soul mate,(soul to mate with) but a mate who understands my very soul. Those who don't believe there is no such thing it isn't my job to have faith in you, but in God whom I know created me in his own image only to have the perfect match waiting to evolve just as I have. No one is perfect remember that, this is the perfect example of love it has no boundaries which means you learn through it.  Going through life to challenge the things that appear to be weaknesses. I guarantee it only makes me a stronger woman when I face them in the weakest moments. I refuse to deny my healthy well being of what it is deserved, from growing pains to this blood running through my veins our expectations of happy can't all be the same. No one is left to blame because each and everyone of us had to learn how to write our names. Will you grab dignity in any of them from last to first? I have to because my refusal to be taken in vain is just insane. Blessings! Regina Ross