Black Beauty Diaries

Sunday, December 4, 2011


"Wealth The Gift Wrap"
I say die, while they scream live!
If I'm considered an ugly bitch
Then it's a fuck I won't give.
This pain of life, hits me with strife.
Causing everything around me
To doubt what's right.
And if I'm awake 
They tell me not to give a fuck.
If I don't waddle with rubber bands in my pockets
I look like a duck.
Only because I'm captured, by what I see
And it leaves me stuck.
Targeting me like a dart game
Just to hit the middle, 
Chosen to listen to God,
when he tells me to duck!
My soul is not to be had
By what's bad.
Learned from this game,
Still could name the sad.
Better yet the lame.
The work is done
When God puts my foes to shame.
There's no one to blame,
but yourself when the worship of wealth
Comes before knowledge of self.
The writings part of my soul
I just can't help.
It's a "gift" so I guess money
can't buy my wealth!

By: Regina Ross

Friday, December 2, 2011

Genuine Generation or "Famous" Imitation?

I am more than ever concerned with the next generation, how do you know when things aren’t genuine? It’s when money is being replaced with the act of kindness itself. Buying your way into a “genuine giving situation” won’t get you into the gates of heaven, it will in fact make you “look” good but that’s it. I look at the scenarios with the children growing up listening to these different influences being that “FAME” seems to be the only thing that matters now of days these adult industry influences are damn near sickening. When was the last time we actually saw any of these men or women for that matter sit down with these children to bond with them, tell them how to set goals and encourage them in such a positive way that no matter what trials they may face having lots of money will never give you the courage to stand up and face the next generation with dignity and respect. They have every reality show but the one that is needed to make us better as people! The most I’ve seen was “Donations of turkeys, toys, and maybe a concert”. Please! Tell me Mr. or Ms. Rapper how did you change a child’s life today? How did you influence them besides “dropping” off your charities? Did you actually take some time out of your busy schedule to really see what kind of people your children will grow up in the same society with?  No, you didn’t I guess if they aren’t on you or your child’s level (rich) and definitely not your responsibility then you just don’t give a shit. Newsflash! When you signed on to be “FAMOUS” you signed on for someone to look up to you, I hope you made the right choice of being a positive influence because the way things are looking for the most part you’re doing a shitty job. It’s all about “MONEY” “ASS” and TITS” and I don’t know about other parents but I think it’s getting really disgusting in the new era. I talked about substance in the music you make, and even what they play on TV. All of the above is throwing out the wrong messages to the next generation. What needs to be discovered and found out is that there’s a poison process that’s taking over, I hope they know I know to be awake and to be very afraid. My voice is the antidote!!! It’s so messed up people don’t even pay attention to what they are really doing to these innocent children, putting them on medication, taking them out of  their homes, be it for jail, foster care, mental hospitals, whatever the case is the issue is not being addressed by the media enough. When I look at my own people who are holding the mics and use a impure voice, it’s a damn shame in the eyes of God how you will allow or even feel comfortable with the bullshit that going on. It’s when you are so wrapped up in your fame and riches make you weak in my eyes. Everything that comes out of your mouth that doesn’t plant a positive seed in mine make me despise you! I don’t care about how much money you spent donating, when you put some wise words or make a child happy that day for spending time with them to see a smile on their face because you have a message for them makes it genuine. Not because you are just there, and they can see the fame in you! I’m strictly talking about some Michael Jackson theme park type shit, something that gives these children a better future to hope for with a genuine pure heart! You don’t have to like these words but you have to respect people like him and or Tupac Shakur whom had a message so pure and true it goes on in the hearts of people who felt exactly where he came from with genuine honesty. There are matters that need to be addressed the question is how many cowards stand to fall for nothing? And who has the courage and power to lead by example with what’s right?  Only the scary ones will say “that’s not my fight”! So with that said “The Almighty God” don’t need you on his team we are only supposed to fear the 1 AND ONLY who make the way and clears the path! Do Not Be Fooled to Fool Others. You only reap what you sow sooner or later it all buds into that plant you seeded life into. For the good or the bad in your soul depends on it and so does the next generations to come!!!! You are apart of a remembrance of our identity please don't make a fool out of the people who fought and got killed to protect that WE mean something!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still I Rise, As Blind Racism Still Divides!

 As I am more purpose driven day to day, uncovering truth in the reality of things what goes on covered but is blatantly there everyday? I realize that slavery is just a system of technology that goes on in cycles. Have you ever thought about the so called “professional” people who have government jobs dealing with your life situations everyday being wolves in sheep’s clothing? Maybe you think they are experts at what they do and their help and advice is what you need. Do these people have evaluations that set them in the right mind to take on your difficulties as well?

We do know that everyone is not perfect. What if I told you everyone had to play their position to keep the “living” cycle of slavery in high demand? This living environment is what they wanted it to be and not the way it should be. Who evaluated these people, in these positions to have such authority over someone else’s life matters? Is it because of what they think is best for YOUR life is the best way of living, rather than truth behind all the madness. As expected the life THEY live should be just as tested from these trials and tribulation? But it’s not because they hate the skin you live in, and all of the answers you were looking for started to reveal the truth in why they hate you and want nothing more than to keep you in bondage even by the “new technology” they’ve enlightened and programmed you with.

If I was prejudice I would just play my part at all cost to keep my job and not really care about the problem at hand. It’s the head over the tail that matters I demand that no one look into the issue deeper. So just keep the poison of erasing truth flowing, available to “those kinds” they will never know their power just as long as the power of “brainwashing distractions” are available from what’s “REAL”. Pure heart God given rights don’t matter. This should be too easy for us to do and get rich our “Little Monkeys”. ß Experiments

ME: Meanwhile I turn off the T.V., open the book and tune out the distractions! Sulking into downfalls won’t help, but getting the knowledge to do better as a people will? Knowledge of “SELF” is something they never gave me in school; everything that was taught to me was based on lies and a cover up to keep the myth ongoing. They’ve mastered new ways to keep it under control but everything inside of my being says there’s a reason why it’s been stolen, destroyed, divided, killed, and used for their wickedness.

 And so I turn off the T.V. open the Good Book, tune out the distractions, look and listen to the pure voice of the Almighty God in understanding this world and its ways. WE must conquer it with the knowledge of knowing “Who I Am”!  It’s trying to destroy just that, so why do “they” feel the need to destroy a certain type of people? Hmm, I’ve just started and there’s no turning back when the eyes are open, hearts aware it’s a war going on outside you may feel at times you’re the only one there! But, I fight for a certain type of right; “THEY” should know that “MY” blood is in their veins. In discovering it all God brings all darkness to light. I hope that they know, even in my children's blood it’s an early dawn to what’s really bright.

 I decided to do research on how many people are really found to be racist upon doing a government job, we all know we can’t trust the government so let’s see who and why these cases go unnoticed. I asked a question "How many government employees have been found guilty of racism in the US alone"?

Nothing! is what "GOOGLE" could tell me, as if I didn't see it with my own eyes everyday...Guess "Google" couldn't answer that question for me. I only found that for many years we built the cities up on slavery, and as a people tore ourselves down with forgetting the importance of understanding. Gaining the courage to keep and know, knowledge of "SELF". We can read with our eyes on how they say slavery was abolished in 1863 and how Lincoln wrote the words of Emancipation Proclamation into ending the beatings, and physical abuse of it all! When did someone challenge the mental lashing that had been boldly plotted out to make us forget our whole entire history?

Make no mistake this subject is just the beginning of all discoveries, this my friends and foes is Part 1 of overcoming the mentality of what you "claim to be" and what you>> CAME to BE!
 If you could hide modern day racism, what tools would you use to be such an evil genius to gain success? DESTROY, DIVIDE, AND CONQUER!