Black Beauty Diaries

Monday, December 27, 2010

Motivation For A Better Cultivation

Now I won't go into a whole scene of explanation for this title. Those of you who are deep thinking individuals who are living in reality with this world of things that are going on all around us will understand. Sometimes it's a couple of simple words that will help us move throughout life in a positive way without judging or hinting at another person's imperfections....After all we all came into this world the same way and leaving it behind just as well. The goal is to leave with an effect on someone so powerful that it will begin to change the outlook on life as a series of GROWTH which disciplines you to know the difference between arrogance and ignorance to our own way of life. Either way you will miss the point of it all if you don't begin to accept the bullshit you've done or the bullshit you've put up with. It is time to forgive yourself and others and move on bringing yourself to Motivation For A Better Cultivation. I'm going to break down the word CULTIVATION-culture; refinement
 -The act or ART of cultivating. Now I will break down REFINEMENT- an improved, higher, or extreme form of something: the refinement of the old system. Watch this: ~>fineness or elegance of  (I absolutely love that word elegance) feeling, taste, manners, language,etc. -Subtle point or distinction. Now I don't know about you but I strive to be all of these things sounds beautiful to me, what would I do without them? They have to have a meaning to progress on to the next level of the good life. I know it's hard to find in people like this. If we study to be more cultivated with a passionate meaning to change the judgmental stereotypes that have been placed upon our own people we can grow in a positive way teaching and learning the wise way humbly. On to my next word which is MOTIVATION-the state or condition of being motivated, inducement-attraction,lure. We need to give our people ENCOURAGEMENT~> praise, support, boost, lift, endorsement, this life isn't easy so why are we tearing one another down and allowing others to do so as well.... Did God really put us here for that? or are you really still trying to do his job? he said encourage one another. What is your DISPOSITION? (natural mental and emotional outlook or mood) Is it your INCLINATION (a tendency toward a certain condition, action) to doubt or put others down because you have issues you can't deal with? Do you use your own PROVOCATION (something that incites, instigates, angers, or irritates) to fill that void trying to consume others with your unhappiness or useless self worth. If that's you I ask that this PERSUASION (convinced, a form or system of belief) be that you love yourself enough to love your own people rich, poor,wild, calm, fun, boring,drunk, sober, dramatic, humorous,lively, outraged, bitter, skinny, fat, hurt, happy, mad, sad, crippled, spooky, silly, exciting, fierce,lazy,elegant,gloomy, harsh,  black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, any and all ethnicity that is, are you grown enough to handle Motivation For A Better Cultivation in today's society? I know I am God told me he never puts too much on my shoulders I can't handle from there I extend my hand to make due with what I am given and we are given one another everyday. I like elegant so God refine me everyday so that others may see your LOVE and your Light! I cannot DO or BE without the progression of learning, as your humble servant.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Soul Is Cold ((Poem))

Your soul is cold.
Why? It's untold...
But sitting back thinking, my heart steadily sinking
You don't look at me the same
No one to  blame, telling me your first and last name
Such a shame, how your arms cease to hold
And silenced lies begin to unfold
You know your soul is cold
Now, I never hate, but you just can't wait
To get a piece of me
Maybe a skydive into ecstasy
Bringing out the best of me sexually
Saying your name and calling you papi
Never seeing anything that would hurt me
It's crazy how in your eyes I see
Yeah, you got a good strategy
But your Manhood has insecurities
Who's falling short to aim and please
I can't stand your ways
Your soul is cold as winter days
A man like you just gotta pay
Who told you, you were fine?
Wanna wine and dine, half way in and out part-time
Stranger, I should have known you were danger
But you inspired me
To tell it all as I see
Simple minded reading right into your curiosity

Trying to deceive my reality
You keep secrets like the wood below
We know your lies, standing up to rise
On occasions, I get you hypnotized
When I let you touch and kiss between my thighs.
But right now, I ain't feeling your high
How could I ever want you on my side?
Your soul is too cold for me to confide.
Plus you got way to much pride
You were just a wave, now bye-bye tide.

Since what you do best is lie
All of your selfish way I despise
Instead of my tears to cry 
I tend to stay fly, because deep down inside
You don't know why your soul is cold, and the love has died.
Saying I complain and bitch all the time.
When it's you that's always on my mind.
I can tell that it's hard for you to understand
What completes you is being a dog ass man.
When getting what's between my legs, makes you my biggest fan.
I could be simple, yet weak

No taste, just bland but mostly I'm deep
Taking you into my wonderland.
So tell me how your soul can be soul cold if you're a real MAN.

By: Regina N. Ross