Black Beauty Diaries

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, how precious will time go slow;
As we deeply indulge into each others mind, body, and soul.
Love won't be hard to feel when shot by cupid's bow
His hands gently rub against my hips and thighs.
Clinching his hands in between mine.
Kisses against the four corners of my face, 
brought shivers as his wet lips embraced my waist.
I whisper "you mean so much to me" 
Smiles while I gently caress his head
tracing the very features in his face that attract me.
I think sexy and he's got it down to a "T"- shirt; that is
speaking with our eyes just to flirt.

I am in heaven on a high I've never felt before
even the deepest ocean wave couldn't bring him ashore.
He looks at me to acknowledge that I'm his Queen to adore.
It's then, when we begin to kiss each others bodies some more.
We started a campfire, and he was ready for my Smores.

Oh, how precious will time go slow.
He's always standing at attention, ready to go.
Critical performance for the main attraction show.
And it goes on and on like a boxing match blow
Only no knock outs, bruised faces or upper cuts.
Hard breathing giving the feeling, that action started from the squeeze on my butt.
I can tell he's holding back just dying to bust this nut.
He turns me on so I don't mean to be so abrupt.
Seducing each other into timeless corrupt.
Am I "in Love or Lust"?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Woman Talk Vagina Rules!!!!

I explained to a very close family member (female) that I wanted to blog on this subject. It may seem a little too much but hey, it's my blog and I just thought I would express how responsible we have to be as women to keep ourselves up. Over the years as I have grown into a woman, I've come to realize that the vagina is expensive, it's a very high maintenance piece of equipment on our bodies. We have to take care of it because anything could change the chemistry that flows within. I had a kind of deep conversation with my gynecologist and she goes on to explain how we have to even watch the kind of soaps we use. Sprays, douching, contraceptives, even those little deodorant tampons could set off your normal balance with an infection. Wipe from front to back when using the toilet, that's when you have a bowel movement. For those times you just urinate it's best to blot. I haven't even mentioned yeast infections and bladder infections all of these things are costly for the sake of maintaining a healthy vagi- gi. Eating yogurt is good for the sake of God knows what, but I eat it to make sure I'm getting that extra ummpphh! Then we have to keep those Kegel exercises on point too, I don't know about you but working out in that manner gives me a sense of strength. Some women don't even know how to activate those muscles, might I just add this is certainly something you would want to work on trying. Basically, I just wanted to point out to a lot of men that I hear say "if I had a pussy"  dot, dot, dot, that it's not easy, when cramps set in or the agitation that comes along with the menstrual flow "mood changes" is something I hate going through. Men say women are crazy, we are in some ways look at all the shit we have to do to maintain being a woman alone. If you had a vagi-gi I don't think a lot of you men would take good care of it, because a lot of you think with a penis anyway. I did some research and found that we even have more nicknames for our vagina s verses penis and I have to add that one crafty name of "cockasaurus" was probably one of my favs..But okay, LOL I made that one up myself! In conclusion I would like to add "do for the vagina what the vagina would do for you". Wear those cotton panties from Victoria Secrets, eat healthy and disregard those who say I'm clean, "you can trust me" No girl you can't "trust" them those ovaries are like jewels. They bring forth many miracles. Be well, and know that she might bleed every month but she is almost like water with a flow like fresh springs. Anything can easily distract that flow so keep your river maintenance up or you'll surely be up the creek!