Black Beauty Diaries

Monday, December 7, 2015

Empty Stir Poem

There’s an empty stir inside of me. I don’t know who I am or what purpose is clearly driven in me. I tune into my conscious side only outside there is a miserable cry that I somehow can’t deny.

Where do I go with this gut feel ? Even if I know the challenge is to know this is an illusion calling everything unreal.
Only it feels real. Is there a medication prescription that I can afford to help me heal?
Maybe I would unlearn quietly how to deal.
My soul that is, when I do everything in my power to handle my biz. I’ve taken chances for different circumstances loved and lived to all these earthly romances.
Only I don’t feel fulfilled, my spirit illed and taken for granted.
Granted realizing that grasping the notion to inner stand it, doesn’t really mean that I planned it.
Merely a stardust creation, if pain is unheavenly then who and where did I come from?
Was I denied access from my sons for the spiritual war that has begun?
Some days are heavier than others…
When I think about my sisters ,  father, brothers, and mother  
How will I serve the world with a pure heart and no troubles?
The one that gets to endure, show and prove, fight with a strength even when it comes to my lovers.
Trampled and tried resilience still in my eyes even when my pain makes me turn around and say goodbye.
There’s an empty stir inside of me or can you not see?
Timelines in life bring out my hermetic chemistry.
Even my name has a definite certainty to it’s own history.
As I balance myself through what we call a matrix of reality
I asked my Divine Creator to fill me with a purpose unconditionally.

Written By: Regina Natasha Ross