Black Beauty Diaries

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Rather There Be Power In My Words, Than In My Flesh.

There's no words to express the pain, hurt, and sorrow I feel in my soul for ALL of our lost past and present. For the young men and women who were killed and done unjust, they will be remembered for the innocence we all witnessed nationally. To acknowledge that this world is no longer a safe place to believe in for you, me or our children is unjust itself. It's certainly a way to break the spirits of the strong American people who believe in a fair justice system whatever race may be. First off I'd like to confront the racist issues that we think everyone of color is dealing with. We practice hate amongst each other everyday in the songs written and listened to for the most part. The action we see on television and social media disgust me with fighting amongst one another and other disgraceful things self explanatory to degrade our race as African American Black men and women. I've even see our own people stoop the lowest level of exploiting the children to these disgraceful acts. It is not only disgrace in others eyes of different races and cultures but most importantly in GOD'S eyes as well since we are the "proclaimed" first inhabitants of this particular human race to inhabit the land. The fact of the matter is the issue is deeper than race, we are boldly and spiritually imbalance and disrespectful to our creator going down a steep hill of destruction. Not one of us is perfect, but you have to think all the years and struggle our ancestors died for in Liberation gave them a sense of leaving here in a pure and courageous spirit knowing they caused an impact to stand for LOVE, EQUALITY, and PEACE amongst one another! No matter what color or gender you were, we stood for something powerful.


 There is a war going on in another country as well as the very country we live in as well. When we give that war power we bring more hate alive. What we cannot do is give this disease incubation any longer and allow it to spread more rapidly. The cure to this disease is to educate ourselves and our children how to stand firm in a belief system that will UNBALANCE the hate with the unjust belief system. Put the old to an END! The options to engage and organize a complete system that doesn't fail your own like-minded people. It will be like something you've never done, we've fought, we've marched, we've been beaten, enslaved and bamboozled.

Impact comes from UNITY and everyone in agreeance on one accord in ALL DECENCY AND ORDER! (RESPECT) Many are lost mentally and spiritually wrapped up in the wrongs, when we all know 2 wrongs don't make it a right reflection of who you really are. Retaliation in a weak perspective is allowing your opposition to make you come down to their level. If God give us free will why aren't we using it in a conscious manner? It's time to fight back in a political way the people have a freedom of speech/words and a voice upon certain civil actions that can and will be heard. Unity and Love are inviting what ever color I strongly believe LOVE conquers ALL.

If you're upset about the media giving Robin Williams more shine over the issue at hand you are a fool and it's ridiculous. The African American race has been getting murdered and enslaved for over 18 centuries and ongoing in many underground trade, different races, different scenarios if you're not super duper ridiculously rich you are NOT excluded! I don't care who you are....

The fact is Robin Williams was just tired, he wanted to rest and everything that's going on how can you blame him. I saw nothing but a pure, genuine, good hearted man when I looked in his eyes and how much he enjoyed making people laugh his spirit was light as well in ALL this darkness. So don't get mad at him be mad at what we have come too in this world. So no I don't buy the depression bull crap of suppression some people just get tired!

So in closing my blog I'd like for everyone to stop playing the blame game! The hate amongst ourselves is so strong and cold we don't even recognize it effects our youth as well as others, whether you want to believe it or not the message being sent out by some of those in the PHYSICAL LIGHT are about fake money-that's an illusion, clothes/shoes by so called designer labels-you don't own! Cars and houses-you think you own but the banks really do and oh let's not forget the images of strong senseless sexual behavior and drugs! So for what it's worth you're a part of the cartel if your participating in the motion of the damaging ILLUSION our kids see and try so hard to portray just so they can "fit in" ASLEEP. The very seeds you plant will be the death of us if they are poisonous plants growing!


Wanna protect our people? Our children? Sow good seeds, water and nourish the plants of knowledge and wisdom. Those bricks that are thrown lay them down with your people to build a strong, solid foundation, non failing system of protection around all of us who have hope and the LOVE of GOD in our hearts and spirits. Stop giving haters energy! They don't deserve any light while God's trying to give you truth, light, and omnipotent shine. The stage you put them on does not give you light it makes you blind!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inspiring Phenomenally

My inspiration and spiritual motivation came from a woman I never met a day in my life.
So as a mother and potential wife, your words were deep. They helped me use my mind to fight.
Never in the physical always in the light!

Dr. Maya Angelou the first time I picked up a pen it was you who inspired me to write.
To acknowledge "Why The Caged Bird Sings" it gave me the strength to recognize these things...
Such as the reason for my struggle when I look at my Queens and Kings.

Although sometimes I feel stuck in this bubble. A Phenomenal Woman I became when others
Didn't over-stand me but tried to pick my brain, and sometimes in my emotions I couldn't explain my pain.
But Dr. Maya Angelou my motivation is in my ink, and like rain the clouds came...Watering the ground.
Projections on my paper began to make me sane.

I thought to myself after reading your pieces.
There was a lifetime to grow-up, this was my thesis.
At one point I gave up and said, no one was listening
That burning desire were your words to my soul.
With pure intentions of Christening.

Though I never got to meet you it was always my dream to do so.
The sweet heavens called you and by God's grace you had to go.
I'll never forget the impact you had on my life through misunderstandings, the battles,
my struggles in loneliness my strife.

Dr. Maya Angelou forever you'll be missed.
In my heart I grew up thinking "Now that's how you use your gifts"!!!
Your activism activated this passion inside of me.
Growing up thinking another Powerful Black Poet is who I'd like to be.

There's a place in heaven special for you I guarantee.
To live your words for it is in my hopes to spiritually,
when my day comes to greet and meet!


Written by: Regina Ross

Inspired by:

A Dedicated Queen, an Angel who truly walked this earth. Still I RISE.
Dr. Maya Angelou, this one's for you it benefits us ALL to be strong, to be wise!