Black Beauty Diaries

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I should really use this time to blabber on about some problem or issue I have with a man or a woman. But I won't waste my blog on that petty shit for this go round. My problem lies much bigger and much deeper than one could ever imagine. My wounds are constantly being torn open as I look into society today and witness the most ridiculous shit that has poisoned and conditioned most of us and when I say us I mean the people of the same color as me. I want to start by talking about single black mothers all day long we beat each other down about giving birth to babies and then not having a stand up man to be there...That's because the men are lazy and more so on the coward side of the table when it comes to having a black woman's back. We should have babies we should over populate this mother father shit they came from us! I don't care some may get mad when I speak on this but dammit the truth hurts...Take Octomom for example we didn't know where this bitch came from all we know is this bitch was impregnated with all these babies and became famous! This bitch has the means to take care of all her kids by way of media not to mention have a dating show coming out in the near future. They trying to help this bitch find a good man!  Black women been having massive children for years have we gotten help or exposure for the miracles we perform on a daily basis as to being a strong black woman No! because you know why we are downgraded and we are the only human beings that can produce another race! If that ain't some amazing shit I don't know what else is. We need to wake up people this world has gotten a lot of us fooled by way of our own beautiful skin and in it is so much blessing no one can barely take the idea of us really having shit our way. They say united we stand and divided we fall we are divided by a lot of things MONEY being one of them we are so divided that we don't think about how divided we really are. We were removed from our own land and our erased thoughts of  bloodlines are not even conscious in our minds today! I'm going to stop right there because I'm ooohsing  with Freedom in my voice I can't even take these lies and disappointments anymore it's a disgrace to my children and I refuse for them to be a victim of the same cycle! I KNOW WHO I AM and SO DO THEY! It was never a secret for me what has always been in me has  ALIVE WELL AND SCREAMING I became AWOKE!!!!!