Black Beauty Diaries

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Label Love or Fabled Thug.

"Label" in looking up the noun I discovered the phrase extended to an "intellectual movement" ownership,destination, and of course a material marked or inscribed. In today's blog I want to discuss the love of the label when it comes to a man's interest in a woman. Will he really notice those are Prada's labels way more than me, my girlfriend, or any other woman? Should this "beauty" subject be up for discussion in your "manly" world? Are you looking for an intellectual; representation of your "black love" maybe you turned "Fabled" Thug? A "fabled" thing has no real existence. How often do we come into playing the "program" when we should be the "programmer". We just call them "label whores" but what is it to a man covered in pride but shame at the same time? I really wanna know are you looking into the woman who has a label stamp vs. something of  intellectual destination maybe not in "fashion" and even if it is in which direction did you take the "ownership"? You can have "ownership or leadership" In that intellectual destination one is greater than the other.  My girlfriend and I personally experienced a man trying to holla at our "Prada shoes" more than us in a bar....Did we lose our men to these "material possessions" or are you proud to be possessed by materialism?  Does that make me less of a Goddess in your eyes because I don't let these things "own" me?  or possess me as you would like to because you bought them and thought it was more pricey than me. Never that. In my opinion I think it's crazy how people let things control them. You can be "MORE" than just a labeled "piece" by being true and confident in your own "God" given gift. Be a "creator" of your own shit. For our "OWN" people and stop screwing around! Knock it Off... Pay homage to our ancestors, this blood runs deep of melanin if you can't respect you don't respect the beginning of time! Let's get way past the labels and talk about our communities and why we aren't supporting causes for our own resources and building black business to structure a system that protect our families, single parents, African youth and elderly society. There's so much going on and more questions than answers, let us build on solutions with action invested into focusing on a greater picture. Purposeful for Intellectual things and destinations for all of our generations to come. In all honesty there needs to be more grants and scholarship programs to deprogram the systematic cycle embedded in many of our African his-tory dealings and militant training of who you are. This idolizing and conditioning you is a image to follow or career to maintain that you haven't even taken "ownership" of. In closing I would never allow my intellectual destination to be drawn out into another's path or light that doesn't glorify ME. The I AM is bigger than that....better believe! I made a vow that "my soul don't belong to them clothes", labels and shady foes. I don't know about anybody else but the Goddesses I know, are looking for a spiritual balance, a vibration God given from a African King. Not the Prada, Louis V. collection or Micheal Kors and Chanel latest fashion looking for you" type man".  We don't really expect that if we are living by righteous pure intentions seeking something deeper seems to have gotten too hard, so you let the labels tell you who you think  people really are these days. Wow.  I'm just gonna leave this right here and hope we are ALL making the righteous decisions when intellect is involved dealing with our own I encourage all my people to do it with spirit and soul in building a strong unity.