Black Beauty Diaries

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Best I Ever Had.

This particular blog is just a little insight on some turn ons. Probably one of the best intimate experiences I had was some time ago. The sneaky boat adventure that had my adrenaline rushing from the time we creeped on board for a spontaneous moment until the time he started kissing my neck in all the right places, leaving me to forget the fear that I had.  I wasn't even thinking about doing such a thing. The boat was covered under a storage area so it got really hot and steamy in there and trust me with all the seat space we made it very comfortable to do some amazing things to each other. That was very memorable "the best I ever had" experience my dear friends.  Trust me I didn't give him the idea, but it was a mutual agreement to try it out funny thing is the boat belonged to my aunt and we did almost get caught. A lot of times it's good to keep each other on the expect the unexpected course, it keeps the relationship interesting. It's easier to be in touch with your sexualality that way it allows you both to know your turn-ons and turn-offs. Attention to foreplay to me is very important, some people may not care so much about the caressing and admiration of his lips against yours but I love it! I have come to terms with myself that spoiling me in bed  gives the perfect ending to a climax because my partner put his work in by arousing me and taking me to the next level. You may get a bit frustrated if you lie to yourself and even your partner if you can't come to terms with opening up to what it is exactly you need to get the satisfaction you both want intimately. Let him to allow him self to get knee down caressing  your legs and thighs  with total admiration he has a sexy woman standing in front of him he can gaze into your eyes from there.He is closest to your love pyramid, but he can still allow himself to work his way up to your every being, in this case ladies it's okay to keep the heels on. Using your legs against his broad shoulders should be a flirt area for those nice lower limbs and sexy stilettos.If he picks you up to show you what those arms are made for, go in on Mr. GoodBar because his candy coated kisses should put you both in the mood. So allow yourself to open up with desires to your partner's sexuality in a safe, healthy, and  fun way it's the key to enjoying each other.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Serenity Sundays

Today I had reflections on what it means to endure past, present, and future endeavors.For everything that we go through these elements should be used as a testimony to others. It is not the material things that we gain from this world that makes us who we are, it is the wisdom and knowledge we gain from God in life that makes us valuable.I asked myself a question, would God be more pleased with my material possessions I've gained or the soul and spirit of my whole being? It's a silly question, because we all should know the answer to that. But reality is that a lot of us aren't really happy until we get everything that word "possessions" means. That's a strong word and if your not careful you won't even know how "possessed" you are about those wants until God shows up and opens your eyes to what's really important. When I am called by God I know that his questions will not be about the materials things I've gained throughout my life, but will be about who and what effect have I made in a Godly manner to impact someone with the spirit he has given me? I realize that this world is everything he told us it would be, some are for you and some are against you.That's when I remember that Love in Life conquers everything, this was proved when Jesus laid his life down regardless of how much people ridiculed and hated him to save our souls.His spirit alone gave us every reason to know and believe that all things through Christ are possible. SO LOVE THOSE THAT EVEN HATE BECAUSE NEGATIVE ENERGY DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO ELEVATE. I can take that to the bank any day money can't buy what is more valuable that it's priceless to a choosen few to step into the gates of heaven and be looked upon by a God who has shown grace, mercy, love, and favor through a spiritual life experience of being someone else's spiritual blessing.

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Peace Until Next Time....

Regina Ross

Monday, April 19, 2010

The One For Me, Or Not

Going on a date for the first time to a woman is like having expectations of a prince charming who will know exactly what it is to put that smile of interest on your face.Believe it or not guys, it can be in the sweetest  and most simplest way. There are different types of men we try to avoid wasting our time with when entertaining the dating scene.The worse type of guy is the kind that will take you out to the club for the first time date they want to go to the crib afterwards. Ladies that's not a first date that's a jump-off, don't approach her like that even if you met in the club. It's up to you if that's what you really want because we're all grown but if your looking to have the ONE in your life it is impossible to get personable information on this person in such an distracting enviroment.This attitude says I'll take you out get some drinks in you but you coming home with me later...This kind of entertainment is the easy way out for him not to really get a feel of who you are. The first date should be an enviroment that compliments your style leaving you comfortable enought to express what you want in a friendship or companionship.That way it is clear to you both and your not wasting each other's time trying to figure this shit out. Talking about goals and acheivements you have been successful in sparks a conversation that you may want to compliment, it's okay to now add some flirty admiration.Because a woman or man who is about their business IS the business. Discussing family is helpful because it determines the morals that have been instilled in that person whether they have kids or not, married or not married can be very vital information on relationship possiblities.Sometimes this subject can be a little touchy but hey, be really true to what you know is going to make you happy in the future it will save you the frustration.It starts with the first date guys, reaction to the scene can be very vital of course if your not on point you will be clowned in front of the girls.So let the first date be of critical importance it's your own intergrity that will shine through whether you clicked with them or not. It's better to meet a friend than to make an enemy.  :^)   Products sold here are to support and benefit my blog space. Thanks for reading until next time on "Take Me Out Tuesdays" we will be talking about the Me Casa Su Casa the House visit date! Peace.