Black Beauty Diaries

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inspiring Phenomenally

My inspiration and spiritual motivation came from a woman I never met a day in my life.
So as a mother and potential wife, your words were deep. They helped me use my mind to fight.
Never in the physical always in the light!

Dr. Maya Angelou the first time I picked up a pen it was you who inspired me to write.
To acknowledge "Why The Caged Bird Sings" it gave me the strength to recognize these things...
Such as the reason for my struggle when I look at my Queens and Kings.

Although sometimes I feel stuck in this bubble. A Phenomenal Woman I became when others
Didn't over-stand me but tried to pick my brain, and sometimes in my emotions I couldn't explain my pain.
But Dr. Maya Angelou my motivation is in my ink, and like rain the clouds came...Watering the ground.
Projections on my paper began to make me sane.

I thought to myself after reading your pieces.
There was a lifetime to grow-up, this was my thesis.
At one point I gave up and said, no one was listening
That burning desire were your words to my soul.
With pure intentions of Christening.

Though I never got to meet you it was always my dream to do so.
The sweet heavens called you and by God's grace you had to go.
I'll never forget the impact you had on my life through misunderstandings, the battles,
my struggles in loneliness my strife.

Dr. Maya Angelou forever you'll be missed.
In my heart I grew up thinking "Now that's how you use your gifts"!!!
Your activism activated this passion inside of me.
Growing up thinking another Powerful Black Poet is who I'd like to be.

There's a place in heaven special for you I guarantee.
To live your words for it is in my hopes to spiritually,
when my day comes to greet and meet!


Written by: Regina Ross

Inspired by:

A Dedicated Queen, an Angel who truly walked this earth. Still I RISE.
Dr. Maya Angelou, this one's for you it benefits us ALL to be strong, to be wise!