Black Beauty Diaries

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Exchange of Sexual Energy and Garbage Disposing Mates.

In a world full of people that we seek love and acceptance from, I've come to realize that some of us allow people in our world way to soon. There's such a powerful effect when we exchange energy with others whether it's through conversation or sex. It can bring on so many emotions and thought forms we seem to forget that we're almost like a pond of water if disturbed the ripple effect can change your whole being and path. Through my experience I've learned that either we are planting good feelings or dumping our load of bad and negative emotions off on others, this can happen through sex people! In fact that's mostly when it happens people fail to realize that if you aren't careful some people can knowingly or unknowingly be draining us of our energies just so they can gain an energy boost for whatever purpose they want. They may want to use you simply to tap into some type of power ego or negative source to make them feel better as if they have conquered something. When you are left out of feeling good about it from the aftermath of initial contact whether it's mental or physical it is then when you need to realize you have become someone's garbage disposal. I realized this after dating this man for over 10 years on and off he was charming with the thought of us having this passionate deep and almost promising relationship. After the initial encounter disappointment set in many times from expecting a different result from the passionate experience. It was almost like he loved to get off on making himself feel good for the physical relief only to get a rise out of making me upset and angry at him afterwards. This was only so he could come back for some more "patch it up" make me think it's all good when nothing at all will change from the next encounter. Emotional manipulation became a habit for him to get a high off of and it took adding and subtracting me to the equation when and how he wanted me for my energy in order for him to dump his trash off in MY universe offsetting anything positive I wanted from the relationship. He wallowed in the fact that he gained strength from trying to make me weak when in fact he was weak and needed my strength to carry him along his thought path and whatever it was he was experiencing outside of me and him. It's not his fault I allowed it, but you have to come to a point in realizing if it's not going to fully give you an extra euphoria of spiritual happiness then it's not worth it. It was then I realized I kept going back in my trash bin trying to use it differently, recycling an object of my affection that was useless to me but memorable and favored to give him just what he needed MY energy to boost his.Since I was really nothing more than that for the moment he needed a trash bin to empty his extra shit into.  While my bin probably doesn't compare to his trash bin, having his shit in my bin doesn't really help me grow either. Ladies and Gentlemen decide not to suffer by going through the bin that belongs to you first. Be rid of anyone who can decide when they want to show you love then ignore you later making you feel as though you're low, angry, dis-eased, or not good enough!

Whatever feelings of unsurety  that manipulate you into the thought of confusion. Allah is not the author of confusion so think before you converse or lay with someone who is not vibrating in happiness and moving forward without drama or negative unsure feelings. Clarity and knowing who you are and what you deserve is vital to your spiritual, mental, and physical growth. Welcome those who are willing to water it and watch you grow with confidence and reassurance. Check out the video below and find out how important it is to exchange and embrace God Given energy!