Black Beauty Diaries

Friday, October 21, 2011

To Know

To Know

To know that my eyes met yours by
Giving into the endless stare I begin to adore.
Oh, how I want to be inside your love.
Like a star in the sky, bound with the heavens above.
I knew you were something like my angel
Blessing me with such spiritual connection.
I can tell, very well that you're special.

To know that you seized my heart,
 while under these conditions it's off the charts
Like painting a picture, your kingship is a form of art.
That handsome face, as my tastebuds burst
for those lips to taste!
Technically you're not mine see...
So hopefully
One day I'd be able to give you the pass key.
The business and the pleasure
If it's meant to be.
Like coorprate thuggin that's how you give it to me!
And we can get as freaky as we wanna be.
To know that everytime you'll be wondering
Damn, baby how you do that to me?

By: Regina Ross
 I thought this was cute :) don't judge me!!! LOL

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Power To Still Stand

Often times I wonder why God allows certain things to happen in my life. I don't like to question why because whatever the case may be he has a reason to strengthen me through it all. My life is not peaches and cream and I strive everyday to give my all to the people whom I hold dear to my heart. I made some sudden choices in my life that I blame no one for but myself. It is known that we all make mistakes to grow from them. The trials and test in my life always seem to try driving me under. For the life of me I still don't understand how I am still in my right mind today. Maybe it's because when I look at the little faces I brought into this world it gives me hope to continue to change. My faith gives me the light and truth, as my job is to pass it down to these little innocent beings whom God sent to come through me.This generation has no morals or respect for love, courage, and responsibility. We are too busy chasing money, honoring what another man says we should be doing instead of listening to the voice of the Almighty God. Not only is the system messed up, but it is our system spiritually that is out of shape emotionally,, mentally, and physically. We have lost our own identity because it wasn't given to us in the first place. It was taken, whether there are those out there who want to accept it or not, it's true! As a strong black mother I will do everything in my power to get that back for myself and my seeds that my friends takes courage. Of course "they" don't want me or them for that matter to know or have what is destined to be, "they" really don't care! If caring was a part from the business, it would take a day to walk in some of these mother's shoes I know and I promise "they" will give those shoes back. "They" say the economy is in crisis, I see these celebrities getting divorces, winning lawsuits, and coming out with millions of dollars. "They" are cutting checks to foster parents who don't even have to work a full time job to secure a stable home like regular folks do who have to work 2 or 3 jobs to take care of the family.There are more children of color in the foster care system than in the general population. >That sound like modern day underground selling slaves to me starting with the kids. "They" also say African Americans are incarcerated more often than whites. >That's because they are to busy releasing their own kind off of death row, while we are secretly still being lynched and brainwashed against each other. Here's a unforgettable fact for you I found to be interesting:

Maltreatment Rates- There are no statistically differences in overall maltreatment rates between African-American and Caucasian according to 3 national incidence studies. After controlling for such factors as income level, unemployment and location (urban or rural) African- American communities actually have lower rates of child maltreatment than Caucasian communities. Additionally, both public or private hospitals have been found to over report abuse and neglect upon African Americans while they under report maltreatment among Caucasian.

   So "they" have many ways to use their formula of hinderance, distraction, injustice, boundless injuries of continuous back lashing against us.  Or just simple comfortableness of the brainwash cycle that can leave you in a state of devastation when you least expect it (with that said section 8 might not be so great) And if you are one of the ones who have to wait maybe God is trying to get you to awake! If your life is in their hands "they" hold the key to your destiny when God clearly said seek and you shall find! You did not come here found we all are lost at one point or another. It usually comes in the disguise of a blessing, either you can utilize it or be comfortable with settling for all that you've known all your life. My motto is to use the devil as my footstool, note > I'm great at walking in my stilettos.    I am only used as a vessel. I can point out so many things that are wrong in this world today, researching in different areas have taught me more each day, which is elevating my spiritually to be more tuned in with the Most High. As my relationship grows with God presently I leave behind my past and increasingly my future becomes a spiritual battle more. I'm a soldier so fear never gets in my way when dealing with these battles. If God can split the sea, he can move any mountain. My life is a mountain just hoping for that peak. I am constantly climbing sometimes slipping on the way up, it gets rocky and hurts But I know who carries me. The enemy knows if he can't get to me he will try to get to my children, the next generation, and whoever else wants to help build his falling empire. Mine were already given to the Most High so the enemy was already told hands off. Born with it, anointed and brought into the house of the Lord for sanctification . As they grow older I see the spirit of God in them, but stronger and ready for the next generation.

As I end this blog I want to ask you is it your belief that nothing is by chance or is everything by chance? If the Most High is chastising you, there is a duty you need to complete. The mission is to choose wisely in the things you say and with everything you do to influence others. It will be as if you were your brothers keeper. God is choosing leaders with courage and strength to carry out his will. Many are called but few are chosen! I can hear the call, know that I'm chosen, refuse to be deaf, dumb, blinded, and stupid to whats right in the sight of God so our children know the freedom in their future. We love who we are as a people, it's in us and no one can change that not even "they"!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Poem "Pierce My Heart"

Pierce my heart with Novocaine
To this feeling of love, that brings me pain.
Your soul whispers to mine,
And at times I can't maintain.
I scream! 
"Let it go, Let it out"
When I believed in us
And you
Yes, you had your doubts
Why do I sit here and pout?
Ponder often wondering about
What could have been
What's left in my heart are
Used memories
over and over again.
Is it waste I've placed in my recycling bin?
You sailed on my ocean,
But I'm about to get a second wind.
Refusing my heart from the start
Down to the very end.
Examine your soul, then tell me why you're so cold.
Am I supposed to bend down backwards?
Kill the Queen in me and fold.
No! I did not ask to love.
It just happened
Peirce my heart with Novocaine
Just remember to,
wipe my tears with napkins.

It was a rare intoxication,
Like an alcoholic beverage
with no reaction.
Deserving Not
Of that which was,
A soul mate attraction.
Truth is only half the fraction.
Love does not wait on
Lights, Camera, Action!
Proving in and out, over and under
Through struggles or successes
Right down to the so called
Penetrate my heart for me
To learn these lessons.
That the feelings I had for you
gave me Novocaine expressions!

Poem By~ Regina Ross