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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Am I My Brothers Keeper? I got a name for that Grim Reaper!!!

Fact is there were some of us gone too soon! Did we allow these things to happen? Well, this blog post is strictly for my Afrikan brothers and sisters who may have voices with a pinch of action behind it. These days we are well aware of what's going on and forget that it's not just a swift breeze of hateful acts amongst us. We've been going through this for centuries and it's always blatantly in our face I don't need a degree to tell you my philosophy, in fact it's only a piece of paper that indicates I've wasted a lot of time verifying that this info is free and  I can learn these things on my own rather than have someone unknown to my true nature validate me in it. That same piece of paper can be bent, torn, folded in half, or burnt it doesn't determine my actions upon another human in this world. It also does not determine an individual's spirit in knowledge and conscious behavior from my environment, surrounding me with proof of what is written, the sacrifices my ancestors or I have made to see a just and peaceful world without the boundaries of what color I am, how much money or things I think I may own. Who own's your soul and did the Grim Reaper already steal that away too?   The day you were born your mother and father decided they were going to sign a "birth certificate" to give up ownership over you to someone they personally didn't know right at the hospital they signed you up... But you just had to be "certified"... Did you even know your number was up then?  I wanted to find out if you were your brother's keeper or was someone else keeping your brother from fulfilling a purpose? If we came from the Universe in all it's glory and darkness was the color it all started with why is this cloth changing deity who is the Angel of Death covered in a lynching manner always with a hidden robe on, or suit, uniform whatever you wanna call it, there's layers to hide behind a title of destruction while boldly holding onto your "scythe" ready for an vengeful reaping act upon Egypt's (Afrika's) firstborn till this very day!!! 

Now I'm going to tell you about Anpu- also known as Anubis this name derived from the Greek terms. The guardian and protector of the dead whom also by Egyptian proof and artifacts was a "royal child" who laid to rest souls with the assistance of sweet smelling herbs and plants that would help the pure spirits move into paradise. I'm giving you the description of the death deities because when our people are being killed in vain we aren't even being honored in death in accordance to peace and balance our ancestors assisted us with. Keep in mind protection WAS in place now it is all the way out of the picture because they feel it's a crime to protect our own. We are living in a brutal, cold, hateful, and jealous era where our bloodline is at risk of murder, outbreak, experiments, extreme mind altering programming, and brainwashing.  We've forgotten our power and we allow the caped skeletal who hides behind a skull and bones image trying to  create severe damage to sever all ties to our true nature. Be more than a number for resources, become the UNIVERSAL act of Anubis protecting the tomb while putting fear in those who think they can disturb the rebirth of an undying untouchable and consuming kingdom of TRUE GOD'S AND GODDESSES!

Now we not even being laid to rest like Kings and Queens... Slain dogs get more respect it seems!

                                                            KNOW THYSELF 

Mama BabyDaddy Epidemic!

Yes, indeed my friends it's been a while but in this blog I feel a strong connection to this title because it's all so surreal. There is a epidemic beating us down to the system's flaw and making us enemies amongst each other, this is in relation to taking responsibility of the decisions we've made in the past and present. Our partners we've chose to deal with and created out of the situation being the most precious gifts whom are pure and born of innocence and genuine love. Brought forth into this world full of chaos only to experience it with the beings whom they came through. The thing about this life is we never know what we are getting served up until the shit hits the fan, disagreements may happen and certain parties fail to comply to the program that the child was created out of, not by your doing but by Divine power. If you forget your job and place in training that being makes it obvious that we are just being,  in human "being"... it is time to get outside of "human being", and do what it is to "human nature" that is to NURTURE. I noticed that a lot of people are worried about child support when it comes to this systems way of taking care of your responsibilities, the distraction is not being focused on the matter at hand and that's building from the moment you decided there was going to be another spirit on this earth with your bloodline. The money isn't the issue the real problem lies where we don't consider the fact this interaction with another person was considerably your choice and the consequences are the product of what you decide to make out of the situation. I've made up in my mind that to build an empire with the partnership is much more than "child support" it's teaching your seeds and watering them with the so called mistakes which in fact are already written for them to be! Sometimes this "Mama Babydaddy" won't see eye to eye but if we can grasp the concept of building a stronger foundation in business terms rather than "child support" governed by the "appointed officials" when your number comes up you will be better off sitting at a round table discussing these issues with the very person you procreated with. The idea is to notice a bigger picture for the sake of killing this concept of baby mama, baby daddy drama. It's no longer a problem it's an epidemic in the black community especially when it divides us conquering by the numbers if you don't "pay" your child support! Time and investment is very important this day and age, if we put as much as time into making a plan to over turn what consistently holds us back from creating our own businesses, schools, banks, and justice systems to manage the wrongs that have been done to hold us back maybe we can vision our children doing a much better job than we have when it comes to allowing "others" to take control over OUR situations at hand. We are responsible for love and light, there's hope instilling knowledge and wisdom to nurture our seeds into this world. When it's priceless you don't look at the tag you just DO IT, the blame game is the shame game, why not just take back what we fear to do. Take back what is rightfully yours and see that it is a game you much need to win even down to your bloodline. Notice, those who stick together no matter what seem to move in numbers and have the will to go to any extent to maintain their EMPIRE. 
 Unfortunately, our numbers are low and statistics are high we are failing miserably because we can't get past the "child support" concept. We need to teach them that child support is teaching our children to love, come together in unity, create, and be free to discover this world in such a way black Afrikan support is UNBREAKABLE. We are suppressed by our own neglectful ignorance and behavior, it weakens our communities, the justice system shits on us and our children because they have not an ounce of faith in what we do or say. We are seriously downgrading our own NETWORTH and it hurts our seeds. We focus too much on "other's" solving our problems when we were placed here to use our own intelligent and conscious minds to elevate and advance our OWN kind "THEY" DO. This isn't a selfish movement this is a selfless revolutionary ACT. So, blame no one but yourselves the change starts with you and if mama babydaddy don't want to comply still evolve. I'd rather we consider starting an organization of mama babydaddy entrepreneurship, we need to work through our issues for the sake of our seeds even  if it takes counseling amongst ourselves and own kind. Nothing beats coming together at a round table to discuss our issues, visions, and creating a real foundation for the sake of saving ourselves. Too many brothers in jail, too many sisters going through the struggle and losing themselves to the systems business of keeping us in a cycle, this has to stop immediately! so WE can readjust and get OUR numbers UP!  I'm all for us powering up and doing what we need to do to make a major come back, Lord knows these slashes on our backs aren't physical anymore but more so spiritual and our children are experiencing the lack of nurturing in knowledge and wisdom we need to give them in spite of our disagreements and shortcomings financially or physically. To experience how strong you are can be the most fulfilling and enlightening thing you can allow yourself to feel and your children see it because you become fearless in a world that wants you to be consumed by fear and doubt! I challenge anyone reading this to start a chain reaction, use your PHYSICS to the HIGHEST POWER.... KNOW THYSELF IT'S IN YOUR DNA!!!!

Sister to Sister, Brother to Brother Black Child Of GOD your LIVES MATTER!!!