Black Beauty Diaries

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Understanding Your Pussy Heart

This blog goes out to the misunderstood pussy heart and the "pussy moochers" I've dated in the past.

Yes, I am woman enough to admit that I fell victim to a lying dog ass nigga who gave two shits about the life I was trying to have with him.I don't know one woman who hasn't been scorned. And so this experience has taught me a very valuable lesson learn your pussy heart from your true heart. Men almost never know the difference when their dicks become emotionally attached to the pussy. It's like a baby, yes we know it has to drink from the bottle to survive but if you don't have milk how's that going to be satisfying?...Bottom line pussy rights are being milked all over the world. And if you don't play your role, denial will be a mother trucker!!! And so I sunk deep into this blog willing to tell you where I messed up so that you can avoid the misunderstanding. I will tell you what your pussy heart is first off. It's the thing that thrives on this guys good sex so bad that if your not careful it will leave you thinking your in control. All because he always wants it as bad as you do, but only when it's convenient for him. Everything inside of you will be telling you that you're in love with this dude because he shows special attentiveness to your body, not your mind sweetie. In some ways your pussy will almost be like a man when he thinks with his dick. The only exception is that most women become emotionally attached to this bull and it could lead to a cycle of trying to be with the wrong individual.So let's dig in. Yes, he took me on dates I even met most of his business partners as well as friends. A lot of special moments to me were going out to parties together and promoting each other as we gained insight on how to network. Given the fact that we were in the same industry this made things interesting and soon became a dangerous game. I was not only attracted to his look but the fact that we both had a powerful love for music, it added a flame to the sex when in action. Making myself acquainted with this "pussy moocher" on our first date told me he had someone which was cool because he was honest. I messed up when I accepted the second date I was invited to come hang with him and his friends at a party.From day one we knew there was some type of sexual chemistry between us.Yes,ladies my pussy heart was curious as to what it was he had to offer. So I allowed him to come chill at my spot after the party and I just knew he had a taste for me on that very night. But it didn't go any further because I knew he had someone so I made him stop. After that my body was saying yes do it, while my mind and conscious said hell no; stay away! I did not listen to my intuition because a month into seeing him we had sex and it was the best I had in a long time. Now my pussy heart didn't tell me in the heat of passion that he was a basic nigga cheating and doing a damn good job at pleasing me. With all the attention I was getting it didn't dawn on me that he was a "pussy moocher" until after 2 years down the road. Things got confusing because at one point he was single again and I began to want more from him I wanted to be his lady. He took his time leading me on into hopes of what may come out of this whole situation saying be patient with him. I took matters into my own hands by starting to explore my options right in front of his face at times just to see if I would get some jealous feedback. It worked too, because it showed me that he didn't want another dude messing with one of his favorite addictions and that right there was his weakness. Let me tell you about "pussy moochers" they don't want to share your pussy with no other nigga even though your not together. They want to put their name on but not really take responsibility for a title. Pussy moochers make you think there's a possibility of taking it further with no ambition into taking action to step it up. Usually when you bring up the stupid and confusing shit they try to keep you calm and close so they can avoid telling you what's really good, considering it's your pussy he wants to keep drama down. Trust, the other chick given his ass the 5th degree too. "Pussy moochers" are not responsive to your feelings only your body. They also do the same shit on a different day without thinking about consequences of  their own emotional growth. Struggling with truth and reality it's not your fault because for whatever reason reality is they have a problem with commitment. These moochers are afraid to man up, scared to lose out on a woman a real man can handle with all honesty and respect. And so it is best to keep you wondering what this could lead to nothing more than an unknown dark tunnel with a dead end. Remember curiosity killed the cat, don't kill that cat girls life is too short to be confused with a selfish man who only considers his own "dick" feelings. I am not bitter by this past situation at all we all live and learn through past experiences while dealing with different individuals. If you love yourself enough you'll recognize whether or not you  have yourself a pussy moocher who "isn't" ready to commit. He knew my goals enticing me even more by trying to help me attain them fronting like a empty box of cereal. Don't let the pussy moocher get comfortable in his routine mess him up by moving on to the best stable relationship you know God has in store for you. God is not the author of confusion let a MAN be clear about what he expects from a woman, human beings get more respect for that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Need My Prince Charming

I need my prince charming, to be such a darling. He can cook, he can clean, and wear a mean pair of  Hudson jeans. He respects the fact that I'm a mother first. Because without his loving kindness, it would just be a curse.
Skydiving into my world with an unexpected landing. Where every moment with him is never saddening. His father was a King who taught him how to love a Queen. As he lifted me up I never knew how to spread my wings. His name was burned into my soul, which brings me to the boiling point of love. Even with ice all around us it never goes cold. My dear sweet prince charming  looking at you is so alarming. Just the simple touch of your hand is in very high demand. Sweeping me off my feet I just imagine us kissing  like the best kept secret. Your pose and business structure I do admire. When I look into your eyes I see desire burning like a forest fire. You give me every reason to be sexy, given the fact that I love when you tease me.  Like ice cream and cake, I will be your sweetness to taste. Prince Charming I NEED you we got madd love to make!!!