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Sunday, December 4, 2011


"Wealth The Gift Wrap"
I say die, while they scream live!
If I'm considered an ugly bitch
Then it's a fuck I won't give.
This pain of life, hits me with strife.
Causing everything around me
To doubt what's right.
And if I'm awake 
They tell me not to give a fuck.
If I don't waddle with rubber bands in my pockets
I look like a duck.
Only because I'm captured, by what I see
And it leaves me stuck.
Targeting me like a dart game
Just to hit the middle, 
Chosen to listen to God,
when he tells me to duck!
My soul is not to be had
By what's bad.
Learned from this game,
Still could name the sad.
Better yet the lame.
The work is done
When God puts my foes to shame.
There's no one to blame,
but yourself when the worship of wealth
Comes before knowledge of self.
The writings part of my soul
I just can't help.
It's a "gift" so I guess money
can't buy my wealth!

By: Regina Ross

Friday, December 2, 2011

Genuine Generation or "Famous" Imitation?

I am more than ever concerned with the next generation, how do you know when things aren’t genuine? It’s when money is being replaced with the act of kindness itself. Buying your way into a “genuine giving situation” won’t get you into the gates of heaven, it will in fact make you “look” good but that’s it. I look at the scenarios with the children growing up listening to these different influences being that “FAME” seems to be the only thing that matters now of days these adult industry influences are damn near sickening. When was the last time we actually saw any of these men or women for that matter sit down with these children to bond with them, tell them how to set goals and encourage them in such a positive way that no matter what trials they may face having lots of money will never give you the courage to stand up and face the next generation with dignity and respect. They have every reality show but the one that is needed to make us better as people! The most I’ve seen was “Donations of turkeys, toys, and maybe a concert”. Please! Tell me Mr. or Ms. Rapper how did you change a child’s life today? How did you influence them besides “dropping” off your charities? Did you actually take some time out of your busy schedule to really see what kind of people your children will grow up in the same society with?  No, you didn’t I guess if they aren’t on you or your child’s level (rich) and definitely not your responsibility then you just don’t give a shit. Newsflash! When you signed on to be “FAMOUS” you signed on for someone to look up to you, I hope you made the right choice of being a positive influence because the way things are looking for the most part you’re doing a shitty job. It’s all about “MONEY” “ASS” and TITS” and I don’t know about other parents but I think it’s getting really disgusting in the new era. I talked about substance in the music you make, and even what they play on TV. All of the above is throwing out the wrong messages to the next generation. What needs to be discovered and found out is that there’s a poison process that’s taking over, I hope they know I know to be awake and to be very afraid. My voice is the antidote!!! It’s so messed up people don’t even pay attention to what they are really doing to these innocent children, putting them on medication, taking them out of  their homes, be it for jail, foster care, mental hospitals, whatever the case is the issue is not being addressed by the media enough. When I look at my own people who are holding the mics and use a impure voice, it’s a damn shame in the eyes of God how you will allow or even feel comfortable with the bullshit that going on. It’s when you are so wrapped up in your fame and riches make you weak in my eyes. Everything that comes out of your mouth that doesn’t plant a positive seed in mine make me despise you! I don’t care about how much money you spent donating, when you put some wise words or make a child happy that day for spending time with them to see a smile on their face because you have a message for them makes it genuine. Not because you are just there, and they can see the fame in you! I’m strictly talking about some Michael Jackson theme park type shit, something that gives these children a better future to hope for with a genuine pure heart! You don’t have to like these words but you have to respect people like him and or Tupac Shakur whom had a message so pure and true it goes on in the hearts of people who felt exactly where he came from with genuine honesty. There are matters that need to be addressed the question is how many cowards stand to fall for nothing? And who has the courage and power to lead by example with what’s right?  Only the scary ones will say “that’s not my fight”! So with that said “The Almighty God” don’t need you on his team we are only supposed to fear the 1 AND ONLY who make the way and clears the path! Do Not Be Fooled to Fool Others. You only reap what you sow sooner or later it all buds into that plant you seeded life into. For the good or the bad in your soul depends on it and so does the next generations to come!!!! You are apart of a remembrance of our identity please don't make a fool out of the people who fought and got killed to protect that WE mean something!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still I Rise, As Blind Racism Still Divides!

 As I am more purpose driven day to day, uncovering truth in the reality of things what goes on covered but is blatantly there everyday? I realize that slavery is just a system of technology that goes on in cycles. Have you ever thought about the so called “professional” people who have government jobs dealing with your life situations everyday being wolves in sheep’s clothing? Maybe you think they are experts at what they do and their help and advice is what you need. Do these people have evaluations that set them in the right mind to take on your difficulties as well?

We do know that everyone is not perfect. What if I told you everyone had to play their position to keep the “living” cycle of slavery in high demand? This living environment is what they wanted it to be and not the way it should be. Who evaluated these people, in these positions to have such authority over someone else’s life matters? Is it because of what they think is best for YOUR life is the best way of living, rather than truth behind all the madness. As expected the life THEY live should be just as tested from these trials and tribulation? But it’s not because they hate the skin you live in, and all of the answers you were looking for started to reveal the truth in why they hate you and want nothing more than to keep you in bondage even by the “new technology” they’ve enlightened and programmed you with.

If I was prejudice I would just play my part at all cost to keep my job and not really care about the problem at hand. It’s the head over the tail that matters I demand that no one look into the issue deeper. So just keep the poison of erasing truth flowing, available to “those kinds” they will never know their power just as long as the power of “brainwashing distractions” are available from what’s “REAL”. Pure heart God given rights don’t matter. This should be too easy for us to do and get rich our “Little Monkeys”. ß Experiments

ME: Meanwhile I turn off the T.V., open the book and tune out the distractions! Sulking into downfalls won’t help, but getting the knowledge to do better as a people will? Knowledge of “SELF” is something they never gave me in school; everything that was taught to me was based on lies and a cover up to keep the myth ongoing. They’ve mastered new ways to keep it under control but everything inside of my being says there’s a reason why it’s been stolen, destroyed, divided, killed, and used for their wickedness.

 And so I turn off the T.V. open the Good Book, tune out the distractions, look and listen to the pure voice of the Almighty God in understanding this world and its ways. WE must conquer it with the knowledge of knowing “Who I Am”!  It’s trying to destroy just that, so why do “they” feel the need to destroy a certain type of people? Hmm, I’ve just started and there’s no turning back when the eyes are open, hearts aware it’s a war going on outside you may feel at times you’re the only one there! But, I fight for a certain type of right; “THEY” should know that “MY” blood is in their veins. In discovering it all God brings all darkness to light. I hope that they know, even in my children's blood it’s an early dawn to what’s really bright.

 I decided to do research on how many people are really found to be racist upon doing a government job, we all know we can’t trust the government so let’s see who and why these cases go unnoticed. I asked a question "How many government employees have been found guilty of racism in the US alone"?

Nothing! is what "GOOGLE" could tell me, as if I didn't see it with my own eyes everyday...Guess "Google" couldn't answer that question for me. I only found that for many years we built the cities up on slavery, and as a people tore ourselves down with forgetting the importance of understanding. Gaining the courage to keep and know, knowledge of "SELF". We can read with our eyes on how they say slavery was abolished in 1863 and how Lincoln wrote the words of Emancipation Proclamation into ending the beatings, and physical abuse of it all! When did someone challenge the mental lashing that had been boldly plotted out to make us forget our whole entire history?

Make no mistake this subject is just the beginning of all discoveries, this my friends and foes is Part 1 of overcoming the mentality of what you "claim to be" and what you>> CAME to BE!
 If you could hide modern day racism, what tools would you use to be such an evil genius to gain success? DESTROY, DIVIDE, AND CONQUER!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stand In Your Destiny!

For the past couple of weeks or so, I have found it hard to decide on a subject to blog on. This my friend is called "writers block" the difficulty in this was whether I should bring up the purpose of my online store of hats or the very subject of standing up for yourself to empower others. I thought to myself that if I combined the two subjects the reasons fall right into line with each other. After all to choose one subject would only deprive everyone of the many dazzling things I've experienced through my own life. I have no doubt that when you are done reading my book you will ask the question "You went through all that"? and survived? For what it's worth my challenge is for you today is to boldly look a little closer to what this young, black, gifted soul is doing here.

My online store supports the goals of publishing my own book one day, this is not only where it ends but the beginning of a journey that helps a cry for help that comes from many and it goes unheard of everyday. How do I know this cry? Because my tears once drowned me with my own misery, everyone "heard" but only God "listened". The system I've set up to raise money online is royalty based. The time I put into designing the products isn't worth anything if they don't have a meaning to them. Using quotes and symbols with a stylish twist we all find intriguing from our culture, making a bold statement is a part of us. Why I wanted to use hats mostly to make this statement was because the idea of the crystal embezzlement gave me a sense of a person wearing their own personally designed for their head. A gateway that leads through the ins and outs of life with words and symbols leading up to stories. My guarantee is that my book will be very beneficial to the urban audience that sees the cycle of deterioration in the substance of our communities. It's a cycle filled with bitter brokenness, hiding behind the shame of fame, will the color of our skin have a greater purpose or just some left behind names. The courage to gather myself and my own research lets me know we are more than the labels we've been conditioned with. Any investment into another successful African American entrepreneur will live for years to come, hopefully it will have some substance to carry on for generations to come. As long as I have my children and "Destiny" allows me to beat the odds, I can prove that statistically the odds didn't beat me down!

My story is only one of many let us begin the journey to completion by wearing loud statements of wisdom, boldness, and knowledge of self. And what's it without a little fun!!! We all know it takes hard work and dedication to understand why God allows us to come through many situations. If you are still standing the wisdom of God will teach you how to stand up for yourself, by knowing exactly who you are and where you came from the enemy is powerless.

By using all of that we know to have grown doubt and failure seem to have no space in the life to come, there's a greater life that God has for you and I. If you've seemed to fail in a certain area of your life and still managed to live through it even talk about it, understand that part of survival is over now don't look back when God is trying to move you along. When a challenge presents itself we must unmask the fear of it all, conquer it with faith knowing that everything is for a reason. Even though it could have killed me it just made me stronger and now I know ME just a little bit better. In all that you have give thanks to God you realize he never made us perfect in the first place, he's just getting us more in tuned with him.

If you really want to know what inspires me:  it's my history, our history, and the foundation of my whole being. The will and strength we use to carry on, in spite of all the evil or negative forces around us which try to ambush our every act to persevere. I'm not asking for money, but I am asking you to invest. Help me earn royalties for the unity of my people and what I've taught my seeds to believe in....That my friends is always "Beating the Odds" Statistics will show you anything, but it's only by perseverance and liberation we find truth as we seek the will for our lives only to affect another life in a positive, motivating, and encouraging manner.


Friday, October 21, 2011

To Know

To Know

To know that my eyes met yours by
Giving into the endless stare I begin to adore.
Oh, how I want to be inside your love.
Like a star in the sky, bound with the heavens above.
I knew you were something like my angel
Blessing me with such spiritual connection.
I can tell, very well that you're special.

To know that you seized my heart,
 while under these conditions it's off the charts
Like painting a picture, your kingship is a form of art.
That handsome face, as my tastebuds burst
for those lips to taste!
Technically you're not mine see...
So hopefully
One day I'd be able to give you the pass key.
The business and the pleasure
If it's meant to be.
Like coorprate thuggin that's how you give it to me!
And we can get as freaky as we wanna be.
To know that everytime you'll be wondering
Damn, baby how you do that to me?

By: Regina Ross
 I thought this was cute :) don't judge me!!! LOL

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Power To Still Stand

Often times I wonder why God allows certain things to happen in my life. I don't like to question why because whatever the case may be he has a reason to strengthen me through it all. My life is not peaches and cream and I strive everyday to give my all to the people whom I hold dear to my heart. I made some sudden choices in my life that I blame no one for but myself. It is known that we all make mistakes to grow from them. The trials and test in my life always seem to try driving me under. For the life of me I still don't understand how I am still in my right mind today. Maybe it's because when I look at the little faces I brought into this world it gives me hope to continue to change. My faith gives me the light and truth, as my job is to pass it down to these little innocent beings whom God sent to come through me.This generation has no morals or respect for love, courage, and responsibility. We are too busy chasing money, honoring what another man says we should be doing instead of listening to the voice of the Almighty God. Not only is the system messed up, but it is our system spiritually that is out of shape emotionally,, mentally, and physically. We have lost our own identity because it wasn't given to us in the first place. It was taken, whether there are those out there who want to accept it or not, it's true! As a strong black mother I will do everything in my power to get that back for myself and my seeds that my friends takes courage. Of course "they" don't want me or them for that matter to know or have what is destined to be, "they" really don't care! If caring was a part from the business, it would take a day to walk in some of these mother's shoes I know and I promise "they" will give those shoes back. "They" say the economy is in crisis, I see these celebrities getting divorces, winning lawsuits, and coming out with millions of dollars. "They" are cutting checks to foster parents who don't even have to work a full time job to secure a stable home like regular folks do who have to work 2 or 3 jobs to take care of the family.There are more children of color in the foster care system than in the general population. >That sound like modern day underground selling slaves to me starting with the kids. "They" also say African Americans are incarcerated more often than whites. >That's because they are to busy releasing their own kind off of death row, while we are secretly still being lynched and brainwashed against each other. Here's a unforgettable fact for you I found to be interesting:

Maltreatment Rates- There are no statistically differences in overall maltreatment rates between African-American and Caucasian according to 3 national incidence studies. After controlling for such factors as income level, unemployment and location (urban or rural) African- American communities actually have lower rates of child maltreatment than Caucasian communities. Additionally, both public or private hospitals have been found to over report abuse and neglect upon African Americans while they under report maltreatment among Caucasian.

   So "they" have many ways to use their formula of hinderance, distraction, injustice, boundless injuries of continuous back lashing against us.  Or just simple comfortableness of the brainwash cycle that can leave you in a state of devastation when you least expect it (with that said section 8 might not be so great) And if you are one of the ones who have to wait maybe God is trying to get you to awake! If your life is in their hands "they" hold the key to your destiny when God clearly said seek and you shall find! You did not come here found we all are lost at one point or another. It usually comes in the disguise of a blessing, either you can utilize it or be comfortable with settling for all that you've known all your life. My motto is to use the devil as my footstool, note > I'm great at walking in my stilettos.    I am only used as a vessel. I can point out so many things that are wrong in this world today, researching in different areas have taught me more each day, which is elevating my spiritually to be more tuned in with the Most High. As my relationship grows with God presently I leave behind my past and increasingly my future becomes a spiritual battle more. I'm a soldier so fear never gets in my way when dealing with these battles. If God can split the sea, he can move any mountain. My life is a mountain just hoping for that peak. I am constantly climbing sometimes slipping on the way up, it gets rocky and hurts But I know who carries me. The enemy knows if he can't get to me he will try to get to my children, the next generation, and whoever else wants to help build his falling empire. Mine were already given to the Most High so the enemy was already told hands off. Born with it, anointed and brought into the house of the Lord for sanctification . As they grow older I see the spirit of God in them, but stronger and ready for the next generation.

As I end this blog I want to ask you is it your belief that nothing is by chance or is everything by chance? If the Most High is chastising you, there is a duty you need to complete. The mission is to choose wisely in the things you say and with everything you do to influence others. It will be as if you were your brothers keeper. God is choosing leaders with courage and strength to carry out his will. Many are called but few are chosen! I can hear the call, know that I'm chosen, refuse to be deaf, dumb, blinded, and stupid to whats right in the sight of God so our children know the freedom in their future. We love who we are as a people, it's in us and no one can change that not even "they"!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Poem "Pierce My Heart"

Pierce my heart with Novocaine
To this feeling of love, that brings me pain.
Your soul whispers to mine,
And at times I can't maintain.
I scream! 
"Let it go, Let it out"
When I believed in us
And you
Yes, you had your doubts
Why do I sit here and pout?
Ponder often wondering about
What could have been
What's left in my heart are
Used memories
over and over again.
Is it waste I've placed in my recycling bin?
You sailed on my ocean,
But I'm about to get a second wind.
Refusing my heart from the start
Down to the very end.
Examine your soul, then tell me why you're so cold.
Am I supposed to bend down backwards?
Kill the Queen in me and fold.
No! I did not ask to love.
It just happened
Peirce my heart with Novocaine
Just remember to,
wipe my tears with napkins.

It was a rare intoxication,
Like an alcoholic beverage
with no reaction.
Deserving Not
Of that which was,
A soul mate attraction.
Truth is only half the fraction.
Love does not wait on
Lights, Camera, Action!
Proving in and out, over and under
Through struggles or successes
Right down to the so called
Penetrate my heart for me
To learn these lessons.
That the feelings I had for you
gave me Novocaine expressions!

Poem By~ Regina Ross

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pick Yourself UP BLACK WOMAN!!!

This blog is dedicated to the faint hearted,  hopeless, broken, torn down, tired, not appreciated, fed up, hurting, crying at night, can't sleep, worried, black woman. I have seen and experienced some painful relationships myself. I have to honestly say that it sickens me to see others go through a feeling of having to buy into a man's feelings for you! This is the weakest thing you could ever do... A man is supposed to be a man, his job is to woo the woman, and her gift to him is to remain the queen she is humbly and virtuously.  Grace is something God gives you as you walk the path God intends for you to walk, it is up to the man to seek that in a woman. If you are trying to "make" a man see that in you  how are you letting God do his part?  He is supposed to see you through the eyes of the "Most High" and cherish you just as much as he cares for himself. He is your helper not your discomfort... If he's a real man it takes God to help you see that, if you are constantly going through bullshit with this so called man it's not God's fault it's your fault. He did not intend for a woman to carry that load all on her own, with all do respect you are blind if you think that changing someone's ways or heart by the things you do for them is going to make them, "make you happy" that's just dumb. You have to decide to be happy with just the thought of God doing what he does in your life. I've been there done that trying to make someone see why they should love me. Bottom line is I love Me, God loves Me, and my seeds love ME! If that love is deep enough a real man will recognize that she knows who she is, and doesn't have to prove anything to me. He appreciates that woman that God has molded spiritually, physically, and mentally! Since he was the first the Almighty God made let me define (MAN)-the human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex; the human race; humankind: Man hopesfor peace, but prepares for war.

Never be afraid to let something that's not working for you go. God may have something better in store for you, and it maybe taking some time because he needs to work on you more. And don't be so dependent on worrying about what a man can give to you emotionally or physically. Because the "I AM" is that and so much more if you have a personal relationship with him this is obvious. Ladies how do you rush unhappiness? It begins to make you bitter and no man wants a bitter woman he can't see the God in you. You cannot give to much of yourself to a man because he is not going to give all of himself to you. There is only ONE being that knows all of us from the inside out.  Give all of you to God and you will know exactly who he sends to complete you.

Know who you are, if you don't know the power inside of you or the crown on your head you will be just as lost as these so called men out here. Find yourself in the LORD. Just because the sex is good doesn't mean it was meant to be. Don't be so thirsty for the temporary feeling, then come next week you all stressed out because he on another chicks time given her the same temporary feeling. If that's all you feel you're worth then you deserve what you get and it ain't the gift God wants to give you. Have some confidence about your own well being and self-worth, never give another human being the power to take away what makes you happy. There are things that are acceptable and unacceptable ladies you better start letting these men know what boundaries are not to be crossed. If you aren't you will be taken advantage of, and of course you will be the only one hurting in the end. I hear a lot of women say "I don't need a man" well I'm here to tell you "I do" and not just any ole kind of man. All women need a man because that is the reason they were made >for them and them for us!  If you are a woman who has already started a family >single mothers... These values should be A-1 to you, your children learn from you so be smart about who you choose to value that relationship with.  They see when any other person is upsetting, offsetting, any happiness in the home. There has to be a balance and it begins with God! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Separation In Religious Beliefs

For this particular blog, I'd like to go into detail on the beliefs of different religions.There are 20 known religions in the world and from my experience I have had the opportunity to experience growing up with Christianity religious beliefs. Christianity is based on the bible's sacred text teachings, the thing that makes it so confusing to some people is studying and understanding the parables. Which can be developed and defined by modern day translation in many ways. I am only going to touch on the religious beliefs that fall under Christianity denominations because as I've said before there are 20 religions outside of what actually falls under Christianity. There are 18 denominational churches who study differently, now I want to go into what actually separates these beliefs and teachings. I'm not a bible scholar and trust me I have been doing some searching myself, mostly soul searching truthfully all in the spiritual realm. Learning from the Creator of all things, but something puzzles me about the division, if we are all serving the same God for the most part I needed to do a history study on the bible and find out exactly the track record of these ancient collection of writings. I wanted to know who was it that actually translated the bible, and to my surprise it was a English scholar by the name of  John Wycliffe an Oxford professor known throughout Europe. He was pretty much a rebel to conforming to an organized church, which he believed to be opposite to the bible teachings. So what were they studying before the bible? We know now that it has come to be in English translations, Here's what's really going to bake your noodle "English" didn't exist and wasn't recognizable until 1000 A.D. The old testament was written in Hebrew, only the chapters and prophesies of Ezra, Daniel, and one verse from Jeremiah were written in Aramaic. The new testament as we know today however, was written in Greek. The world was still trapped in the "Latin" era which brings me to the point of noticing  how could you possibly tell me if your translation is 100% accurate?  Latin Vulgate, which was the only source text available to Wycliffe produced dozens of English language manuscript copies of the scriptures, yet they were still translated from the Latin English language.

If you know a little about history then you should know that the priest ordered execution if you were using the sacred language they knew; and only the priests were educated to understand Latin, this gave the church ultimate power. As Dr. Thomas L. Long stated in his article, this is a history of composition and a history of interpretation.. How I understand as the power of the people's understanding never came to be, but only what people wanted us to know. I will add that I do believe in fact that bits and pieces of the truth lye in the bible. But there is something fishy going on with all the changes with the words in many ways which in fact I do not think the Almighty God himself intended them to be. I never limit myself to finding the truth, which brings me to the realization of knowing you can't always depend on the words of others when they want you to believe in their own truths. Here are some pinpoints I looked into myself helping me find some answers as to where the translation came from and how separation  in beliefs came to be.

-Written Old English of 1000 AD is similar in vocabulary and grammar to other old Germanic languages such as Old High German and Old Norse, and completely unintelligible to modern speakers, while the modern language is already largely recognizable in written Middle English of 1400 AD.

-The first hand-written English language Bible manuscripts were produced in the 1380's AD 

-The first recorded instance of God’s Word being written down, was when the Lord Himself wrote it down in the form of ten commandments on the stone tablets delivered to Moses at the top of Mount Sinai. Biblical scholars believe this occurred between 1,400 BC and 1,500 BC… almost 3,500 years ago.  the language of Old Covenant believers.

-By approximately 500 BC, the 39 Books that make up the Old Testament were completed, and continued to be preserved in Hebrew on scrolls. As we approach the last few centuries before Christ, the Jewish historical books known as the “Apocrypha” were completed, yet they were recorded in Greek rather than Hebrew.

- By the end of the First Century AD, the New Testament had been completed. It was preserved in Greek on Papyrus, a thin paper-like material made from crushed and flattened stalks of a reed-like plant. The word “Bible” comes from the same Greek root word as “papyrus”. The papyrus sheets were bound, or tied together in a configuration much more similar to modern books than to an elongated scroll.

-in 563 AD, a man named Columba started a Bible College. For the next 700 years, this was the source of much of the non-Catholic, evangelical Bible teaching through those centuries of the Dark and Middle Ages. The students of this college were called “Culdees”, which means “certain stranger”. The Culdees were a secret society. < When I read this I thought to myself in some ways isn't this considered a "cult"?

-In the late 1300’s, the secret society of Culdees chose John Wycliffe to lead the world out of the Dark Ages. Wycliffe has been called the “Morning Star of the Reformation”. 

-These groupings of papyrus were called a “codex” (plural: “codices”). The oldest copies of the New Testament known to exist today are: The Codex Alexandrius and the Codex Sinaiticus in the British Museum Library in London, and the Codex Vaticanus in the Vatican. They date back to approximately the 300’s AD. In 315 AD, Athenasius, the Bishop of Alexandria, identified the 27 Books which we recognize today as the canon of New Testament scripture.

-In 382 AD, the early church father Jerome translated the New Testament from its original Greek into Latin.

-The Apocrypha was kept as part of virtually every Bible scribed or printed from these early days until just 120 years ago, in the mid-1880’s, when it was removed from Protestant Bibles. Up until the 1880’s, however, every Christian… Protestant or otherwise…

-By 500 AD the Bible had been translated into over 500 languages. Just one century later, by 600 AD, it has been restricted to only one language: the Latin Vulgate! The only organized and recognized church at that time in history was the Catholic Church of Rome, and they refused to allow the scripture to be available in any language other than Latin. Those in possession of non-Latin scriptures would be executed! This was because only the priests were educated to understand Latin, and this gave the church ultimate power… a power to rule without question… a power to deceive… a power to extort money from the masses. Nobody could question their “Biblical” teachings, because few people other than priests could read Latin. 

-The church capitalized on this forced-ignorance through the 1,000 year period from 400 AD to 1,400 AD knows as the “Dark and Middle Ages”.

In conclusion, I just want to say that this was a very deep subject, and though my search continues on finding out what God is meant for me to know, I have to say that limiting yourself to what you are told or taught is the dumbest thing you could ever do. I do believe that God gave us enough wisdom to seek out the truth and if you are the type of person who is lazy, or just listening to what you are told while taking your own knowledge of "self" for granted as an adult you will be held accountable for what you do and don't know.

The world we live in is corrupt, and has been since the day Lucifer was sent here to lie and deceive all of us with  intentions of separation from the almighty God. He doesn't really want us to know the plans our Almighty God has for us. This being doesn't care anything about changing words around or making certain things look as if it should be, remember it's a known fact that he wants things his way and not God's way.... God is togetherness, on ONE accord and following the path that leads you to righteousness!  There is no separation in that, and no excuse to not believe he created us all for the purpose of worshiping him! 

Not one of us is perfect, we can dissect, and interpret the bible in all the languages of the world. But if we aren't doing what The Most High requires of us what is the point of learning something you probably would never understand if you aren't getting an understanding from the direct source! 


Here's a link to go check out the timeline of the bible translation history....

Friday, August 5, 2011


I have come to research the following information on hunger in Africa, and even before my research this has been a growing problem over decades. My main concern is the root of this problem and how we can come to terms with solving it which I have high hopes for. If this is one of the wealthiest lands in all of the world where diamonds and gold come from with the known facts of treasures being found and researched why is there so much poverty? I can only come to terms that this is not only an economic issue but a political issue as well. Hunger is... 
  • the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food
  • the want or scarcity of food in a country

I cannot wrap my mind around why in fact if there are a lack of resources, which causes poverty who is the diamond and gold miner going through the country digging for the resource and not having the country benefit from the wealth of it's worth. When there are animals that are rare and you can't find them elsewhere in the world isn't that of valuable resource? Or how about the fact that there are archives of unexplained and hidden history that holds the power to knowledge beyond measure? All that is withheld to gain power for the greed of it all, an extremely unequal income distribution. Essentially control over resources and income is based on military, political and economic power that typically ends up in the hands of a minority, who live well, while those at the bottom barely survive, if they do. We have described the operation of this system in more detail in our special section on Harmful economic systems.  I found this particular part of an article very interesting being that this system in America seems to pour their hearts out to those in need but the flashiest of them all besides Europe and even they have their own way of doing things. Who's military is in control of these resources because the way I see it someone is doing it all wrong with intentions of being selfish. Someone is getting cheated and it doesn't look like we (Americans) are as so much as they are. Most of our resources come from them so how in the world are they suffering more than we are? And when I say resources I mean the things that we so dearly hold fascinating, fancy, and flashy with a costly price. What is the price that they are paying indefinitely? What is the strife the land is going through? There was a time the land was plentiful and now it seems to be drained. The motherland is suffering from influences that we underestimate we take things for granted while the importance of needs and wants lie deeper!  When will the wake up call alert us all to what is being destroyed> ARE YOU AWARE?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I should really use this time to blabber on about some problem or issue I have with a man or a woman. But I won't waste my blog on that petty shit for this go round. My problem lies much bigger and much deeper than one could ever imagine. My wounds are constantly being torn open as I look into society today and witness the most ridiculous shit that has poisoned and conditioned most of us and when I say us I mean the people of the same color as me. I want to start by talking about single black mothers all day long we beat each other down about giving birth to babies and then not having a stand up man to be there...That's because the men are lazy and more so on the coward side of the table when it comes to having a black woman's back. We should have babies we should over populate this mother father shit they came from us! I don't care some may get mad when I speak on this but dammit the truth hurts...Take Octomom for example we didn't know where this bitch came from all we know is this bitch was impregnated with all these babies and became famous! This bitch has the means to take care of all her kids by way of media not to mention have a dating show coming out in the near future. They trying to help this bitch find a good man!  Black women been having massive children for years have we gotten help or exposure for the miracles we perform on a daily basis as to being a strong black woman No! because you know why we are downgraded and we are the only human beings that can produce another race! If that ain't some amazing shit I don't know what else is. We need to wake up people this world has gotten a lot of us fooled by way of our own beautiful skin and in it is so much blessing no one can barely take the idea of us really having shit our way. They say united we stand and divided we fall we are divided by a lot of things MONEY being one of them we are so divided that we don't think about how divided we really are. We were removed from our own land and our erased thoughts of  bloodlines are not even conscious in our minds today! I'm going to stop right there because I'm ooohsing  with Freedom in my voice I can't even take these lies and disappointments anymore it's a disgrace to my children and I refuse for them to be a victim of the same cycle! I KNOW WHO I AM and SO DO THEY! It was never a secret for me what has always been in me has  ALIVE WELL AND SCREAMING I became AWOKE!!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, how precious will time go slow;
As we deeply indulge into each others mind, body, and soul.
Love won't be hard to feel when shot by cupid's bow
His hands gently rub against my hips and thighs.
Clinching his hands in between mine.
Kisses against the four corners of my face, 
brought shivers as his wet lips embraced my waist.
I whisper "you mean so much to me" 
Smiles while I gently caress his head
tracing the very features in his face that attract me.
I think sexy and he's got it down to a "T"- shirt; that is
speaking with our eyes just to flirt.

I am in heaven on a high I've never felt before
even the deepest ocean wave couldn't bring him ashore.
He looks at me to acknowledge that I'm his Queen to adore.
It's then, when we begin to kiss each others bodies some more.
We started a campfire, and he was ready for my Smores.

Oh, how precious will time go slow.
He's always standing at attention, ready to go.
Critical performance for the main attraction show.
And it goes on and on like a boxing match blow
Only no knock outs, bruised faces or upper cuts.
Hard breathing giving the feeling, that action started from the squeeze on my butt.
I can tell he's holding back just dying to bust this nut.
He turns me on so I don't mean to be so abrupt.
Seducing each other into timeless corrupt.
Am I "in Love or Lust"?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Woman Talk Vagina Rules!!!!

I explained to a very close family member (female) that I wanted to blog on this subject. It may seem a little too much but hey, it's my blog and I just thought I would express how responsible we have to be as women to keep ourselves up. Over the years as I have grown into a woman, I've come to realize that the vagina is expensive, it's a very high maintenance piece of equipment on our bodies. We have to take care of it because anything could change the chemistry that flows within. I had a kind of deep conversation with my gynecologist and she goes on to explain how we have to even watch the kind of soaps we use. Sprays, douching, contraceptives, even those little deodorant tampons could set off your normal balance with an infection. Wipe from front to back when using the toilet, that's when you have a bowel movement. For those times you just urinate it's best to blot. I haven't even mentioned yeast infections and bladder infections all of these things are costly for the sake of maintaining a healthy vagi- gi. Eating yogurt is good for the sake of God knows what, but I eat it to make sure I'm getting that extra ummpphh! Then we have to keep those Kegel exercises on point too, I don't know about you but working out in that manner gives me a sense of strength. Some women don't even know how to activate those muscles, might I just add this is certainly something you would want to work on trying. Basically, I just wanted to point out to a lot of men that I hear say "if I had a pussy"  dot, dot, dot, that it's not easy, when cramps set in or the agitation that comes along with the menstrual flow "mood changes" is something I hate going through. Men say women are crazy, we are in some ways look at all the shit we have to do to maintain being a woman alone. If you had a vagi-gi I don't think a lot of you men would take good care of it, because a lot of you think with a penis anyway. I did some research and found that we even have more nicknames for our vagina s verses penis and I have to add that one crafty name of "cockasaurus" was probably one of my favs..But okay, LOL I made that one up myself! In conclusion I would like to add "do for the vagina what the vagina would do for you". Wear those cotton panties from Victoria Secrets, eat healthy and disregard those who say I'm clean, "you can trust me" No girl you can't "trust" them those ovaries are like jewels. They bring forth many miracles. Be well, and know that she might bleed every month but she is almost like water with a flow like fresh springs. Anything can easily distract that flow so keep your river maintenance up or you'll surely be up the creek!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you TRUE to YOU?

Listen up this blog is dedicated to those of you in denial, you may be offended by the words that jump from this page but I am compelled to tell it like it is. You may even call me things that may make you feel better, but my only reply would be is  "call me what you want" as long as you know I'm not a coward at living my own life to the fullest. I acknowledge every intention to be successful and being a blessing to someone. With all hopes that my family be raised in all truth and wisdom. Most likely sacrifices are made and cycles must be broken to fulfill a destiny only God places before you.

Sometimes in life you may not understand why people do things to make you feel beneath them, or make you feel like you are only good enough when it's convenient for them. In all true nature I have seen a man lie to the point were he was sleeping with a woman to turn around and go sleep with a man denying the fact of being bisexual or gay "what have you call  it" notice some men right down to their clothing, walk, and talk you could never tell just exactly they all like . I have seen a man lie to sleep with other women and in fact be so disconnected with his own truth that he feels better calling a woman a hoe to make it acceptable with his own behaviors.Honestly I don't see the point of lying with no respect for yourself or the other persons well being be it serious or not.I just know my seriousness might not be as serious as yours, so it's better to know than not know. I wish some men would just admit the fact they like ass or getting it up the ass.Yeah I said it...To each it's own is the way I see things just protect yourself  for what it's worth you only get one life to live. If you don't understand what it is to be sneaky or just plain obscene at accepting your own self first, then it will be harder than you think. Meaning you are too busy looking for faults in others when somehow you lose yourself in your own issues, likes and dislikes without admitting it. These things always have a reflection of who you are in a good or bad way either people can accept you for who you are or not. You have to be willing to accept you first. Women can be liars, cheaters, sluts, and hoes just the same as a man of course my opinion is some men find this term to be comfortable for them and not a women because it's beneath them, but I've got a news flash guys "pussy rules the world and makes it go around". I don't know anything more amazing than the production of another human being, now that's a helluva job as you still live to work, and work to live everyday someone and everyone is born for the same purpose. It is human nature to use and be used in all aspects of life again it can be for the good or bad. God uses us for different purposes to make us better I think humanity needs it so bad,and negative energy seems to seep into a lot of people when they themselves don't have any hope or faith.

 And everyone wants to have it their way,  I can't see focusing on what makes you tick when I'm challenged everyday finding my own likes and dislikes, every reaction to a positive chain reaction hoping that it will hold me to the most high's satisfaction. How can we build ourselves on higher education, even amongst ourselves we are never humanly gratification. I  say evolve in some way be it sexually or non- sexually, trendy or not, open-minded or in-insightful I just hope you know how to be true to you because at the end of it all, it's still your job to make YOU happy whether you choose to be a liar, cheater,  honest, or loyal all you can do is YOU. After all you were "produced" so just be a product of good deeds having the responsibility when taking care of LIFE it's yours to LIVE !

  Denial is only when you refuse to believe you have a problem, and most people believe they don't have any problems. Dig deep everybody has some type of problem, nobody really has it ALL figured out, but it's the hope that holds the chosen together still the love above sees all, loves all, and of course knows all . The absolute contradiction is fear from the inside out! We conquer things by having built up the courage to follow through with God's plan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Discussion on Love and Lust

Many people have different views on this subject at hand love and lust can be very confusing. At times I can see the two running neck to neck with similarities. Both emotions can be uncontrollable with a burning desire. But love is gentle with a personal attachment  with  intent to benefit greatly from. While lust on the other hand is a craving and intense desire to fulfill an illicit sexual appetite. The reality is they both can be pleasurable justified with any and all disappointments which may come along in the word itself. In my own experience knowing  the temporary feeling of lust is just for the moment  filled with desire and even infatuation. After the excitement  and consuming yearning for the need to have that fix what's left?  Love and lust can both make you eager to have, it's a bit enchanting to experience such a complex feeling. That in fact can almost make it unknown to differentiate the two. Love doesn't have a temporary attachment, it takes enthusiasm to love someone truly embracing the very "being" of them. They run hand in hand with some wants, but never the needs in reality  love overlooks all things giving and receiving while lust looks for weakness feeding only to be filled of it's own satisfaction. When they say love is hard to find it's easier to give, meanwhile a craving only last temporary. To add it all up I want to crave you forever, with an uncontrollable appetite sentencing me of gluttony. Swallowed to the point of "I can't get enough of you" now that's love!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take Into Consideration

To analyze my whole being you have to understand that we are not the same. I believe every individual has their own beliefs as to what defines them in this world. People justify themselves through different aspects of living, some may think that fancy clothes, shoes, and cars make them who they are. Most of the time people spend their life trying to prove their worthiness through talent or the money they make. Take into consideration my life is not defined by these minor things, I am not here for your liking my purpose is to solely please God. That job requires dealing with my soul and the souls of others, it keeps me rounded but also is a test of my faith. There are so many negative influences in this world that it can be hard to keep sight of what God is trying to do with my well being. As I live and learn throughout life people become more difficult with their wants, needs, and expectations of what I should and should not be doing. The plan to do things my own way or someone else s way is just a stumbling route to failure at what I do best and that's being human. But who can judge me but God. I expect to be judged and even hated in some cases only because I know I'm going to take initiative to get it right with the  man above. If it is by his will I will get through it, stronger than ever before not even fearing the next move or change in my life that God has prepared for me. One thing I have learned throughout my life is to give it my all starting with God, man is never the answer to getting through this day to day effort of living life abundantly. I forgive easily more so now than ever for the fact I don't want baggage weighing me down through my race to win the grand prize. People are going to be who they are, things are going to happen and changes are going to occur even in my own life. As I have explained once before change for me is good, I am ever evolving ready for the next challenge God has for me. When it becomes a storm in the mist of it all I am still sheltered by the love of God. My love should reflect from the inside out without any animosity or rejection of anyone's beliefs, though I go through these very judgments of hostility against me I have the strength to bravely reject that negativity with love. Sometimes I have to be bold enough to let people be who they are and steadily fulfill the purpose God has for me by letting go of what they believe in just to keep headstrong to my own beliefs. How can I be who I am if I'm trying to please you, God didn't make me this way he is always giving me the opportunity to get to know me by my own free will. If you lie to me you lie to yourself and how can I fight with that it's something inside of you that needs evaluating, being true to me is all I know. I may even try certain things to see what it's like because I'm getting to know me in some aspects of  what this "world" has to offer. At the end of the day I always "need" to know what heaven has to offer. What I'm best at is saying it's my life so I choose the things that make me happy and unhappy. The facts are my choice hands down is and should be consideration of making God happy with me. Acknowledging ways to know that he has a plan for me to be of encouragement or help to the next person and to glorify his name not my own. In case you didn't know;  knowing God you have to know yourself enough to know he has made you in his own image he already knows what we do before we do it. So he keeps me because I want to be kept in such a way I don't want to lose sight of what he's trying to do with me. The world is old occupied by people  who are losing themselves in it everyday, making it to a dead end an unsatisfying destinations without recognition of the wonderful things it first begun with. And so we are tested for the very small things we take for granted throwing them away like God doesn't know what makes us whole. I stand firm on my beliefs because no one can tell me like God can that is right from wrong things to do with the 1 life he has given me. I LIVE, I LEARN, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I LOVE!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phenomenal Fighters

I acknowledge a woman or man of courage who is a survivor of domestic violence, I myself know what it's like to be involved in a relationship resulting in mental and physical abuse. This issue can affect anyone of all race, color, age, or sex. In order to confront this issue we have to fight with knowledge on how to end this type of violence. By empowering one another to steer away from such tragic endings, the reality of this situation is many things can occur while in this type of unhealthy relationship. Many times someone is murdered, commits suicide, or even detrimental hurt physically or mentally. The issue consumes me with anguish knowing that someone out there needs help yet they feel helpless and controlled by absurdity. Sometimes you may feel like no one is listening, or you can't turn to anyone else but the abuser. For whatever it's worth a life is priceless so don't allow anyone to take yours. Fear is the first step to knowing that this is not safe for you, by any means necessary at some point you will have to realize love doesn't hurt. The powerful women involved in helping bring this horrific injustice to an end labels a group of young models called Sanity Gurlz Domestic Violence Movement. They have a mission to empowering victims and eliminating violence against all odds there are ways to educate you on support for your well-being. Sanity Girlz believe that all persons have the right to live without fear or abuse. These phenomenal young women extend their hands and ears to help with all intentions to make a dramatic change with this increasingly   cruelty to women, men, and even children within our communities.  Sanity Girlz provide services with programs and leadership to domestic violence survivors as well as HIV/AIDS advocates to educate and support anyone affected by this worldwide epidemic. This organization has my full support with movements toward putting up a phenomenal fight. We can't be afraid to take a stand against loveless enmity.