Black Beauty Diaries

Monday, August 5, 2013


I felt compelled to write this blog this morning, because I wanted to confront Care-LESS Negros who seem to have the attitude that it’s your fault they have been very slack with how they are handling themselves as men these days. It takes a real woman to know what kind of man she will or will not accept and when she comes to terms with that, there’s nothing you can do or say that will change our minds. These care-less men need to understand that once your cards have been dealt then pulled it all depends on you initially where the fuck up is going to take place. It could be a lie, and most of the time it is or other factors of your Care-Less dumb behavior. There’s no excuse or reason why you should be mad at a woman for your fuck ups. MAN UP, because there is no escape from any Lioness who knows better, naturally always aiming to have better. We use our third sense way to much to catch that ass in the “knowing”.  No bitch is excluded from this blog because bottom line THAT nigga isn't perfect, never has been. Never will be!  So bitch GET YOUR LIFE. Whatever you are lacking he is looking for in someone else, the problem is these niggas are so care-less they won’t tell you and confront you on what it is they would like to experience with you so they use their outside thinking, because they have dicks. They only see the physicality of things first. We are inside thinkers because our precious jewels reside on the inside and it takes work to get to the gold mine. Now personally if I meet you and there is no REAL connection just physical attraction, I may give you the benefit of the doubt but in reality he may just want the same thing I want and that’s a good time. HERE’S where it gets complicated we have a good time but then you realize the cookies are really good, Fuck it! I’m just gonna LIE at all cost to keep all this to my self even if I have to sell her THE“ROMEO AND JULIET” DREAM. These kind of guys are “Care-LESS SELFIES” and Ladies you have to be very careful because they don’t wanna pay the cost to be the boss! Like, I EXPLAINED a woman knows what she wants, she knows sex is temporary and that over anything her emotions are vital if you play on them, you might get what you want for a while but it’s only because she forgot the difference between her “pussy heart” and her “true heart” You've confused her with the care-less lie and now she hopes you can be All that she dreams of. NOTE: LADIES THE OUTSIDE THINKER ONLY THINKS WITH 1 THING AND 1 THING ONLY IN MIND.

 I’ve been around long enough to know that no man is perfect but if you are going to make erratic decisions based on your dick you need to understand that some but not most woman know the difference between her “pussy heart” and her “true heart” men must understand what place it is they are trying to be placed in because if you’re lying then you are making it very difficult for us to place you in a category and piece together your intentions. First off, it takes a lot for us to decide if you’re worthy of that piece of us in all honesty. As for you Goddesses with good “cookies” he’s bound to do “ANYTHING”  carelessly just to come back for more. Sometimes, you don’t have to give up those cookies for them to lie. There are those who just lie without a conscious, those are the ones you have to be very Careful with the purpose for the lies are unclear. But sooner or later you will find yourself because really you both haven’t gained anything from the situation and it’s beginning to look like these 2 things either he’s delusional or he’s just playing the devil’s game causing unnecessary stress. A man is supposed to be there to relieve you of any heavy loads, Your HELP THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS! FROM A BOY TO A MAN!  A woman is always carrying, a man should not be putting more on her with his lies and deceits! It makes it very complicated because it’s so many SELFIES in this world. Every day it becomes more probable to see these watered down Care-less ones struggle with who they are and what they truly want. We either want 1 or 2 things from you true Companionship or shit, MONEY!  If you’re a broke down dude no job, car, or anything of your own and she’s spending time with you trying to figure out how she can help get you together. SHE REALLY LIKES YOU!  DON’T WASTE OUR DAMN TIME!  There’s no in between GUYS if you don’t know how to tell, which some of you are too dumb to realize with ya OUTSIDE THINKING ASSES. It’s on you not to make it difficult, BE Clear most of the time a grown woman is not confused so don’t make the situation harder than what it has to be! Yes, a woman knows how to play the game better than you men, but we don’t want to for the most part. We don’t want to have to deal with more dummies than we have to. There are of course these bitches out here in denial whom have been hurt really bad, they go delusional saying “I don’t need a man”! That’s evil and ungodly and you bitches are seriously delusional! I've come to terms that no matter how many times I've been hurt I will still give love and companionship a try, life’s too short to not find something the world so short of NOTHING LIKE A “REAL GODLY MAN”. Not perfect just pure at heart!  So I won’t be bitter, I may get hurt, I may even treat my “pussy heart” every now and then but at least I WON’T BE CARE-LESS!!!  BY THE WAY I AM TIRED OF THE TERM "DON'T SAVE THESE HOES" being used overly! NIGGA YOU CAN'T EVEN SAVE YOURSELF!!! LET ALONE SOMEONE ELSE SO ULESS YOUR NAME IS JESUS FIND SOMEBODY TO PLAY WITH!!!