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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Choose Your Path!

As of May 24, 2016 I have come to know that there is a love so strong for me that I can hardly believe that there's a power strong enough to overlook all of my flaws and still have me in awe.
This connection I have to the Source is most definitely the most ultimate disciplining and gentle kind of love every last one of us needs. There is so much power in love and mercy it's really a shame we seem to struggle with trying to figure out what our maker wants from us as his children. If we only knew how hard we make things on ourselves we would stay out of our own way and just let Allah be Allah. I know easier said than done, until God loves you so much he makes you do exactly that "stay out of his way" so he can make a way out of no way! I promise you will not know what you are going through, and will certainly question God why things are going the way they are. Then you will question what you are doing wrong, or what you have done wrong to deserve this trial. And if you have an soul and love God like I do you will began to think of every sin you possibly can think of and ask for forgiveness. The test will be such of a burden that you will literally have a battle of the mind and soul with opposition. When we are going through this we have to fully inner stand that it is not about us and if it is The Creator will let you know clearly because you will began to "check" bad habits about yourself.  If we keep in mind that we are ALL being tested we will be so much better off because it humbles us and we get to see things from another point of view, from God's point of view nevertheless we still do not know our creators thoughts or ways. The path to righteousness isn't about perfection it's about being a light and aware of opposition when you are sent into the dark tunnel, there are no short cuts to doing what God requires YOU to do. If you turn a deaf ear to the MOST HIGH that is the most dangerous thing you can do, our God doesn't want to hurt or harm you it is the tricks of the world that does that. So we have to understand that if we open our mind, hearts, and soul to God we will have to be disciplined like his little child. Isn't that what a loving parent does... ?whether you understand it or not I'm sorry but you do not belong to yourself and the moment you find that out will be the test of your lifetime. The reality is there's a battle for your soul to belong somewhere good or bad when you leave the flesh of your cell. When you are getting closer to your destiny there will be times you will lose people, places, and things because none of that matters to God, there will be layers shed and it will be an ugly process of growth. We are selfish spoiled human beings period; due to the fact we were born into an wicked evil world. You will be like Job, Daniel, and especially like Jesus there will be sacrifices made, people will judge you whether you are doing good or bad, you will be tempted by the enemy, and crucified just the same. If you are chosen you will need to GROW UP listen and pray. Only your faith will deliver you from the circumstances God has led you to grow through. Don't get lost and caught up in what others may think the best thing you can do is listen to the voice of God and know the difference in what's agreeable and disagreeable to righteousness. I am very adamant about the saying "study to show thyself approved" if you sincerely love God you will learn how to seek our Creator for yourself and NOT by what someone else wants or thinks you should know about God.
The best thing you can do for yourself is to start developing a personal relationship with the Creator as you would with your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, wife, or husband. Be real with the Creator you just can't lie or fake the funk, God has no respect for what your flesh has to offer. So I'll just end this segment with the fact that it's clear you need to be here in this world planting seeds of righteousness in other's hearts and souls. If you aren't even starting at home with yourself and your seeds (family) you will deprive yourself and your family a great deal of the very meaning of life. I leave this blog entry with LOVE and FAITH that we all come to balance and terms with pleasing the Source enough to know that we will indeed in fact have a full inner standing of what "sacrifice" really means when we are involved with THE SOURCE for a greater purpose. There is no "play your position" because in due time God will put you in your place of position for the good or the bad it's all up to you.

Regina "Natasha" Ross

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