Black Beauty Diaries

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Trying to suppress my skin within;  that fire where it all begin
And still you reject the fact that we were born all into sin
Reverse my consciousness back to when Eve and Adam was in Eden
But then again the tree of knowledge right from wrong;  truly forgotten
Did your animalistic nature make you aware of your own angel vs demon?
Where was Allah in the shift of confusion to deliver you from your physical end?
Changing your spiritual aspect baptized in salt, from the land of Gideon
How can I take you to church then preach about the tarnished temple within?
Lifting my praises up for souls that even Allah knew would not listen
Lost in the mysteries of this universe, blinded by glittering gold that glistens
It’s in my melanin
A powerful bloodline of important businesses and dividends
How long are we going to sit here and pretend?
There is no mightier power without;
What's within, Melaninated and still born into sin
When I'm liberated I do mean to offend, is it because I'm so Intelligent?
And you fear what's in my melanin.

Maybe my eyes are so electric they give off a re-memorable vibe
Even in the darkest tunnel, fighting against those that despise 
Throwing shade and telling lies. 
I'm too melaninated to pretend and hide
Going straight to the Source in confidence I confide
You see, I was never blind learning the wisdom that comes within my third eye
I'm a bit witty and never too shy
Opportunist never really just ask themselves why.

Elevated studying my ancestors on co-pilot and like airplanes we be fly.
Times get hard for our melaninated babies so I cry
The program's so deep they'd rather not educate themselves with knowledge for a greater trial.

My melanin is the thickness in my lips, the sound of my voice, an ecstasy essence of  pure bliss
As the stardust twinkling upon my skin, feel my ether my unforgettable sunkiss. 
The only way to carry this luxury is to live in greatness like  the perfect meaning to exist.
Beings born with giant intellect, pure genius some of the Realist are certainly missed.
Pumping my fist for black power  meanwhile they be pissed

Melaninated consciousness from elevation and temptation 
Purpose driven with leadership qualities trained to be very patient 
Nurture my soul, so these traits are passed on through this melanin generation!

Written by: Regina "Natasha" Ross

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